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Solari, Inc. is a private company. Our business is founded on the vision that bringing intimacy to how money works transforms our world. We do this by helping you learn to invest in people, communities, natural resources, and diversified enterprises that you and your networks know and trust in a manner that creates real wealth and security for yourself, your family, and your business.

Through Solari, Catherine Austin Fitts offers a unique perspective on the global financial system and on the political economy:
  Audio Seminars

Solari produces a core curriculum in the form of Solari Audio Seminars for those interested in learning more, taking action, and gaining mastery.

  Speaking Engagements
  Solari reaches a broad audience with Catherine Austin Fitts' speaking engagements, workshops, talk-show appearances, blogging and articles. (see Events for upcoming appearances and information on how Solari can help you with your event)

In special situations, Solari offers investment banking and financial advisory services to enterprises, communities and their advisors.

  Catherine Austin Fitts offers investment advisory services through Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.


Catherine's speaking and workshop fee is a flat fee plus all expenses. Under special circumstances involving active members of the Solari network, she may speak for a fee plus percentage of event revenues.

Catherine's investment banking and financial advisory fees are estimated on a per-hour basis subject to a retainer payable in advance.

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