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    In recent years there have been methods developed to decentralize investing. We take a close look at crowdfunding, the legal issues and dangers involved, and how to approach it as an entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is an important step forward in supporting both small and large efforts for the individual and groups alike.

    This Solari Special Report includes legal pathways to help navigate these new developments.


    As we look over the fiscal cliff into our financial abyss, now is a good time to “Come Clean” about the real state of our lives, our communities, and our economy, starting with the U.S. federal finances that flow deeply and intimately throughout every aspect of our lives.

    This Solari Special Report includes (22) challenges we must address to put our federal fiscal house in order.


    OECD Unveils Proposals to Curb Corporate Tax Avoidance
    Reuters | 16 September 2014
    New international tax rules proposed on Tuesday could eliminate structures that have allowed companies such as Google Inc…

    Occupy Abolishes $4 Million in Other People’s Student Loan Debt
    CNN | 17 September 2014
    After forgiving millions of dollars in medical debt, Occupy Wall Street is tackling a new beast: student loans…

    Brazilians, the Real Spenders
    The Wall Street Journal | 21 December 2011
    Ana Ligia Paladino traveled 5,000 miles from her home in southernmost Brazil last month to jostle for Black Friday bargains at Macy’s in New York City…

    Citi Warns Moody’s May Put France On Downgrade Review This Friday
    Zero Hedge | 16 September 2014
    One of the more impressive moves in recent months among the universe of European bonds…

    Almost Half of China’s Rich Want to Emigrate
    Bloomberg Businessweek | 15 September 2014
    Even as the number of Chinese millionaires grows, the number of those aiming to leave China is getting ever larger…

    Britain to Include China’s RMB as Foreign Currency Reserve
    Xinhuanet | 13 September 2014
    British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced Friday that the British government intend to issue a Renminbi denominated bond…


    New Zealand Launched Mass Surveillance Project While Publicly Denying It
    The Intercept | 14 September 2014
    The New Zealand spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB)…

    India Applies for Full Membership of SCO
    Business Standard | 12 September 2014
    India Friday formally applied for full membership in the energy-rich Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)…

    New Tennessee Law Allows Gun Owners to Keep Loaded Firearms in Vehicle
    Timesfreepress | 09 July 2014
    Under a new law that quietly took effect last week…

    Dropbox Reveals Government Requests for User Information
    The Guardian | 15 September 2014
    More than 250 requests have been made for user information in the first half of 2014, the company’s transparency report revealed…

    Russia and Islam, Part Six: the Kremlin
    The Vineyard of the Saker | 09 March 2013
    This is a topic which I have been most hesitant to cover for many reasons…

    American Shakedown: Police Won’t Charge You, But They’ll Grab Your Money
    CBS News | 11 September 2014
    U.S. police are operating a co-ordinated scheme to seize as much of the public’s cash as they can…


    Boeing, SpaceX Win Contracts to Build ‘Space Taxis’ for NASA
    Reuters | 16 September 2014
    NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated “space taxis”…

    Microsoft’s Minecraft Deal Shows its New CEO is Paying Attention
    Quartz | 15 September 2014
    It’s official: Microsoft is buying Mojang, the studio behind the massive cloud gaming hit Minecraft, for $2.5 billion…


    Hollywood’s Gary Webb Movie and the Message that Big Media Couldn’t Kill
    The Field | 10 September 2014
    Gary Webb reached out to me in 2001 at a time when lesser lights were ready and willing to see me thrown under a bus….

    Amazing Water Trick

    YouTube | 12 February 2014
    When the arrow is moved to a particular distance behind the glass, it looks like it reversed itself…


    Project Camelot: Simon Parkes – The Measure of a Man

    Project Camelot | 13 August 2014
    This is a ground breaking even explosive interview in terms of content…


    British Banks Warn They’ll Head South if Scotland Quits UK
    Reuters | 11 September 2014
    The battle for the hearts and heads of the Scottish people intensified on Thursday…

    The Fed Just Imposed Financial Austerity on the States
    Wall Street on Parade | 04 September 2014
    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, together with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation…

    SEC’s White: Fiduciary Rule Important, but Dodd-Frank, JOBS Mandates Come First
    ThinkAdvisor | 09 September 2014
    White stresses agency’s focus on finishing rules mandated by Dodd-Frank and JOBS Act…

    Jack Ma’s Speech In Stanford University
    YouTube | 30 September 2011
    Alibaba Group CEO, Jack Ma’s 2011 speech…

    Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma Interview by Charlie Rose

    YouTube | 02 June 2011
    Founder of Alibaba.com Jack Ma Interview by Charlie Rose…

    House Passes Bill to Crack Down on Tax Return Identity Theft
    The Hill | 08 September 2014
    The House on Monday passed legislation to enhance prosecutions of tax return identity theft…


    Real Estate Crowdfunding Firm Seeks Lending Revolution
    Bloomberg | 07 September 2014
    The head of consumer-product marketing at Google Inc. (GOOG) and a former general counsel for a travel website are seeking to transform the mortgage-finance industry…


    For Many Iranians, the ‘Evidence’ Is Clear: ISIS Is an American Invention
    The New York Times | 10 September 2014
    Iranians are as obsessed as Americans these days with the black-clad gangs roaming Iraq and Syria…

    Asia Arms up to Counter Growing Chinese Might
    AP News | 11 September 2014
    Vietnam has nearly doubled its military spending…

    Russia, the Ukraine, BRICSA Nations, Sanctions, and the Retreat from “Globaloney”
    Giza Death Star | 07 September 2014
    There is yet another consequence that is spinning out from the Anglosphere’s foreign policy insanity vis-a-vis the Ukraine, Russia…

    Russia is Suing Ukraine for $1 Billion for War Damages
    The Speaker | 07 September 2014
    Russian lawmakers are suing Ukraine in an international court for approximately $1 billion…

    Obama Says Military Will Help Fight Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
    Fox News | 08 September 2014
    President Obama has said that the United States military will begin aiding the response to an outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa…

    Toxic Stew of New Technology, Old Hatreds in World Crises
    Bloomberg | 07 September 2014
    The crises that dominate today’s news — Ukraine, Islamic State, Libya, Ebola, Gaza, cyber-attacks…


    Solar Storm Heading for Earth
    USA Today | 11 September 2014
    A “strong” solar flare that launched off the sun Wednesday afternoon could cause some fluctuations…

    Pelé Unveils Unique Football Pitch Where Players’ Energy Produces Electricity
    The Telegraph | 11 September 2014
    Brazillian football legend launches a revolutionary artificial pitch that converts players’ energy into electricty to power Rio de Janeiro favela…

    U.S. Man 3D Prints Mini Castle, Sets Sights on Printing Livable House
    CTV News | 03 September 2014
    People have used 3D printers to print everything from medical devices to guns…

    Higgs Boson Could Spell the End of the Universe – Stephen Hawking
    RT | 08 September 2014
    Higgs’ elementary particle underpins existence in our universe might become unstable…


    Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country
    ABC News | 07 September 2014
    A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say…

    Bacteria From Bees Possible Alternative to Antibiotics
    Lund University | 03 September 2014
    13 lactic acid bacteria found in the honey stomach of bees have shown promising results in a series…


    $11 Million Lotto Winner Will Return To Waitressing, Donate Chunk To Charity
    The Huffington Post | 10 September 2014
    When this couple won the lottery, they decided to trade in a potential life of luxury for one that could benefit others…

    Shark Tank: ABC Announces Return of Shark Tank Week
    TV Series Finale | 16 August 2014
    ABC has announced the return of their special Shark Tank Week starting Sunday, September 7th…

    Couples on Different Sleep Schedules Can Expect Conflict—and Adapt
    Wall Street Journal | 09 September 2014
    Some Couples May Decide to Sleep Apart, But Discuss It First and Make Time for Intimacy…

    Single Americans Now Compose More Than Half the U.S. Population
    Bloomberg | 08 September 2014
    Single Americans make up more than half of the adult population…


    “I realize that the odds against a free life must seem pretty formidable right now. And yet there are already individuals who live their lives as they choose.
    ~Harry Browne

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Jon Rappoport, Dr. Joseph Farrell and I shared the stage in San Mateo in July. Questions we heard throughout the weekend included, “How do I breakaway?” “How can I be happy given the way the world is going.” How do I help my children adapt and thrive?”  Jon addressed some of these questions in his presentation. However, the audience wanted more – lots more. They wanted to drill down into the details.

    For the last two months Jon, Joseph and I have been discussing the tactics and strategies that people have used – both now and through the centuries – to overcome the spiritual, cultural, legal, financial and physical obstacles to personal freedom. We thought we would share some of these insights this week on the Solari Report.

    In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. Make sure to send your questions for Ask Catherine.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review “Long Way Round”. When a colleague suggested I watch 5 1/2 hours of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding motorcycles from London to New York via Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia and Canada, I thought he was mad.  Yes, I loved having motorcycles when I lived in Hong Kong. Yes, I rode a bicycle alone across the United States. These are things that are fun to do, not watch a video of someone else doing. I was sure I would never get through the first episode. Wrong I was – tagging along by film on this extraordinary adventure, infused me with new energy for living a free and inspired life.

    Talk to you Thursday!


    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    When central banks and governments print and borrow money without limit, and use that money to engineer wild discrepancies in cost of capital, a very perverse culture and economic practices are a fait accompli. Add to that a hidden system of finance and black budget run by insiders with the ability to kill with impunity and act above the law, and pretty soon you are going to create a system that operates as ours does.

    Unfortunately, the author of Unaccountable, Janine Wedel, an anthropologist who teaches at George Mason, is not schooled in finance and economics, let alone in the covert side of life. The result is a book that has some interesting stories but skates on the surface of things and proposes solutions that will make things worse. Trying harder and writing more rules is the equivalent of suggesting – as the water rises in the boat that has sprung a major leak – that we hand out more spoons for passengers to shift water overboard.

    If you want more stories about US corruption, you will find them here. If you want insights about what is really happening and why, this one is not for you. Financial and economic literacy is a must if you want to navigate your world. Unaccountable is another example of why you do not want to proceed without it.


    (Photo Credit: Reuters)

    By Justin Huggler, Berlin

    A reward of $30m has been offered for conclusive evidence on who shot down Flight MH17 – but the identity of the person or organisation behind the offer is a mystery.

    The sum is larger than the $25m the US offered for information on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, and is thought to be one of the largest bounties in history.

    It is being offered through a German private investigation agency that says even it doesn’t not know who its anonymous client is.

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    Malaysian Flight MH17 crash analysis, by The Russian Union of Engineers


    (Translation from original article)

    By Manlio Dinucci

    Faced with the “unprecedented Ebola, which spreads exponentially epidemic in West Africa,” President Obama announced that “at the request of the Liberian government,” the United States will establish “a military command center in Liberia “. This is a “command headquarters of the joint force” specifies the Africa Command of the United States (including the “area of responsibility” covers the entire continent except Egypt). The headquarters, under General Darryl Williams (already on the ground in Liberia) will have at least 3,000 military Americans, an airlift and a sorting center in Senegal. It is this headquarters will perform the function of “command and control” of the international operation anti-Ebola, which aims to send medical personnel and hospitals. According to Obama, it is “an example of what happens when America takes leadership to confront the world’s greatest challenges.” He listed in his recent speech urbi et orbi, claiming that only the United States has “the capacity and will to mobilize the world against the terrorists of Isis” and “beat the worldwide recall against Russian aggression , “and” contain and destroy the Ebola “epidemic.

    Although the possibility that Ebola spreads in the United States is extremely low, said Obama in his speech at the Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases [1] in Atlanta (Georgia), in West Africa it caused the deaths of “more than 2,400 men, women and children.” Event certainly tragic, but limited if it is related to the fact that West Africa has a population of about 350 million and the entire sub-Saharan region almost 950 million. If you think die every year in the region due to AIDS over a million adults and children; that causes malaria each year more than 600,000 deaths, mostly among African children; that in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia diarrhea annually kills about 600,000 children (over 1,600 per day) less than five years. These diseases and others, all “diseases of poverty”, which cause each year in sub-Saharan Africa millions of premature deaths and disability cases are due to undernourishment and malnutrition, lack of drinking water, poor hygiene and sanitary living conditions of the poor, who (according to data from the World Bank itself) constitutes 70% of the total population, 49% is in conditions of extreme poverty. Obama’s campaign against Ebola seems instrumental.



    (Click image to view larger)


    (Click image to view larger)

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The latest Gallup poll is in and it is not good news for incumbents running in the mid-term elections. One in four Americans, 23%, are satisfied with how things are going – 76% are dissatisfied. This is one of the reasons we are seeing new, fresh candidates doing better than expected – we are approaching a level of transformational shifts in the body politic. That number is 80% – that is when you get a super majority and unexpected things start to happen.

    Four percent more to go. Hold on to your hats!

    No Change in U.S. Mood: 23% Satisfied, 76% Not


    By Jeff Kearns and Steve Matthews

    The Federal Reserve maintained a commitment to keep interest rates near zero for a “considerable time” after asset purchases are completed, saying the economy is expanding at a moderate pace and inflation is below its goal.

    “The labor market has yet to fully recover,” Fed Chair Janet Yellen said at a press conference after a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee today in Washington. “There are still too many people who want jobs but can’t find them.” She added that “inflation has been running below the committee’s 2 percent objective.” In July, the Fed said inflation was “somewhat closer” to its goal.

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