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    Just a Taste - A Musing

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    In recent years there have been methods developed to decentralize investing. We take a close look at crowdfunding, the legal issues and dangers involved, and how to approach it as an entrepreneur. Crowdfunding is an important step forward in supporting both small and large efforts for the individual and groups alike.

    This Solari Special Report includes legal pathways to help navigate these new developments.


    As we look over the fiscal cliff into our financial abyss, now is a good time to “Come Clean” about the real state of our lives, our communities, and our economy, starting with the U.S. federal finances that flow deeply and intimately throughout every aspect of our lives.

    This Solari Special Report includes (22) challenges we must address to put our federal fiscal house in order.


    The Political Poison of Vested Interests
    Of Two Minds | 22 April 2014
    Once vested interests take control, the only possible “solution” left is collapse…

    About Half of America has Zero Net Wealth
    Marketplace | 21 April 2014
    Wealth is the value of everything you own: stocks, bonds, your home, your car…

    Businesses Feel Pressure of Rising Costs, Survey Says
    The New York Times | 21 April 2014
    Rising costs for materials and labor appear to be putting pressure on businesses…

    Nike Kills FuelBand as ‘Wearables’ Revolution Dies Before it Begins
    Yahoo! News | 21 April 2014
    Is the next big thing dead before it even got here?

    April 21, 2014 – AD Line
    Financial Perspectives | 21 April 2014
    From a market technician’s aspect there is only one thing that matters and that is price as it reflects all known information…

    Fueling The New World Order: Where Does China Import Its Crude Oil From?
    Zero Hedge | 20 April 2014
    It was roughly half a year ago that China officially surpassed the US as the world’s largest importer of oil…


    Ukip Posters are ‘Hard-Hitting Reflection of Reality’, says Nigel Farage, as Party Pledges to Spend £3m on Euro Elections
    The Telegraph | 21 April 2014
    Nigel Farage has defended a new immigration-centred poster UK Independence Party…

    Napster Billionaire’s Next Mission: Conquer Politics
    Politico | 21 April 2014
    These days — in the age of the super PAC and Citizens United — a campaign donor with a million dollars to spend isn’t cool…

    Obama Seeks Wider Authority To Release Drug Offenders
    NPR | 21 April 2014
    Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that the Obama administration is formulating new rules…

    What The Hell is This American Plane Owned by the Bank of Utah Doing in Iran?
    The Daily Caller | 18 April 2014
    On Tuesday morning, a plane owned in trust by the Bank of Utah showed up in a very visible area…

    Interlocks and Interactions Among the Power Elite
    Who Rules America? | August 2013
    The Corporate Community, Think Tanks, Policy-Discussion Groups, and Government…

    Nevada Tribal Leader, 81, Sues BLM for $30M
    Daily Sparks Tribune | 2011
    The federal government seized Raymond Yowell’s cattle — all 132 head — and hauled them across the state and sold them at auction…


    How Your Cell Phone Threatens Your LIBERTY
    Armstrong Economics | 21 April 2014
    Technology played a key role in the Arab Spring as it has in Ukraine…

    Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
    T and F Online | 10 April 2014
    Autonomous technology and the greater human good…


    Toxic Herbicides Now Common in Pregnant Women’s Breast Milk, Placentas, and Umbilical Cords
    Mercola | 22 April 2014
    Agricultural chemicals are progressively making their way into your body whether you are trying to avoid them or not…


    Workers at France’s Former Nuclear Base Fight for Mystery Illness Compensation
    The Telegraph | 21 April 2014
    Ex-workers of Albion plateau, France’s Soviet-era nuclear land missile base…

    10 Rules for Students and Teachers Popularized by John Cage
    OpenCulture | 16 April 2014
    Avant-garde composer John Cage started out as a disciple of Arnold Schoenberg…

    Inside ‘Tank Town’ Could Lie a Solution to the Country’s Worst Drought in Decades

    YouTube | 26 March 2014
    Richard Heinichen, the self-proclaimed mayor of Tank Town, never has to worry about the Texas drought again…

    Miss America: Don’t Suspend Teen Over Prom Invite
    Yahoo! News | 20 April 2014
    Miss America is asking a Pennsylvania school district to reconsider…

    Just Because You’re A CEO Doesn’t Make You A Thought Leader…
    Jeremy Waite | March 2014
    Earlier last week Bizzabo (creators of killer software apps for conferences) put together a list…


    Ronald McDonald Replaced by Farmer Dirk
    24/7 Wall St. | 15 April 2014
    Ronald McDonald, a spokesman for McDonald’s Corp., has been mothballed…

    McDonald’s Foreign Workers Call it ‘Slavery’
    CBCNews | 17 April 2014
    Belizian temporary foreign workers docked pay for rent in corporate apartment…

    Crowdfunding Spreads to Hotels as Hard Rock Sells Stakes
    Bloomberg | 17 April 2014
    Real estate crowdfunding is spreading to the U.S. hotel industry…

    Lockheed Sees Surge in Profits After Shutdown
    The Washington Times | 01 April 2014
    This time a year ago, Lockheed Martin officials warned of impending layoffs…

    Robert Shiller: This One Chart Shows Why The US Is Years Away From Recession
    Business Insider | 08 April 2014
    Nobel laureate and Yale University economist Robert Shiller is in the camp of experts who believe the odds of a recession are very low…

    More Banker Suicides… And More High Octane Speculation…
    Giza Death Star | 14 April 2014
    The dead bodies in the banking business just keep piling up…


    China Gold Demand Rising 25% by 2017 as Buyers Get Wealthier
    Bloomberg | 13 April 2014
    Gold demand in China, which overtook India as the largest user last year…

    China Buys Glencore Copper Mine Stake
    The New York Times | 13 April 2014
    Glencore Xstrata, the giant commodities trading and mining company…

    A Gold Obsession Pays Dividends For Indian Women
    NPR | 14 April 2014
    It’s indestructible. It’s fungible. It’s beautiful. And for Indians, gold – whether it’s 18-, 22- or 24-carat — is semi-sacred…


    The Spectre Haunting San Francisco
    The Economist | 16 April 2014
    Yesterday the New York Times ran a piece on a brewing rent crisis in America…


    Leaflet Tells Jews to Register in East Ukraine
    USA Today | 17 April 2014
    World leaders and Jewish groups condemned a leaflet handed out in the eastern Ukrainian city…

    Regulator Without Peer
    The Wall Street Journal | 16 April 2014
    Anyone wondering why the U.S. economy can’t seem to grow at its usual pace should examine one product category where production is booming: federal regulation…

    Study Finds More Immigrants Equals More Democrats — and More Losses for GOP
    Washington Examiner | 15 April 2014
    Republicans are famously divided on immigration reform, but Democrats pretty much unanimously support it…

    China’s President Urges Greater Militarization of Space
    Fox News | 15 April 2014
    China’s president is calling on his country to boost its military power…

    Europe Folds As Putin Tells It To Pay Ukraine’s Gazprom Bill, Or Else
    Zero Hedge | 11 April 2014
    Another day ending in “y” means another day in which Putin plays the G(roup of most insolvent countries)-7 like a fiddle…

    Will The Pentagon’s Secret Space Plane Ever Return to Earth?
    The Daily Beast | 07 April 2014
    Nearly 500 days into its mission, the Pentagon still won’t say what its drone space shuttle is doing in orbit, or when it might come back…


    “In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind”~Edward L. Bernays

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    This week on The Solari Report, I will be speaking with Jon Rappoport about mind control. This is a topic I covered in “The Layman’s Guide to Mind Control.” However, various kinds of mind control keep coming up throughout many of our recent discussions.

    One of my goals is to be as coherent as possible. Yet I must navigate in a world where I, like all of us, am a target of various mind control efforts. How do I see and understand the mind control tactics being used to engineer and promote an “official reality.” How do I protect my decisions, my time and my assets from disinformation?   I asked Jon if I could join him on his quarterly appearance to help you learn more about this often ignored but important topic. There is no greater immunity to mind control than understanding that such tactics exist.

    In our discussion, Jon and I cover:

    • What is mind control – any why is it important to be aware of it?
    • History – from ancient to recent
    • Best books and movies – sources to familiarize yourself
    • Individual programming vs. group programming
    • Political control and financial profit – why mind control is so profitable
    • The mind control we all experience regularly
    • Breaking the spell: protecting and nurturing a strong, coherent mind
    • The benefits of facing and overcoming mind control
    • Where to begin


    For more on this topic, I strongly recommend a number of the Solari Reports in our archive, including “The Power of It,” “The Matrix Revealed” (with Jon), “Telling the Truth and Staying Alive” and “Living in Faith.” You can find these and more Solari Reports relevant to moving towards a more coherent mind in the Personal Power Library or the the Real Deal Library linked at your Resource page.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, Jon and I discuss the thought-provoking sci-fi film They Live, which describes the challenges of living with invasive and invisible technology being used by one population to take advantage and manage another population.  One reviewer once said that the Solari Report was where you went to “get your pair of sunglasses.” Check out the movie to find out what that means.

    There will be no Money & Markets this week as it is the end of the month.

    We will post on Thursday!


    “Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” ~ George Carlin

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    In 1991, after leaving the Bush I Administration, I founded the Hamilton Securities Group, an investment bank and financial software developer in Washington DC.

    In 1993, Hamilton won a competitive bid to serve as the lead financial advisor to the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) in reengineering the FHA’s portfolio of mortgage insurance and mortgages, including approximately $10 billion of mortgage loan sales of the HUD held single and multifamily mortgages.

    Prior to the loan sales program, the FHA Funds recovered only about 35 cents for each dollar of mortgage insurance payments it made on defaulted mortgages. The mortgage loan sales program that Hamilton designed increased recovery rates on defaulted loans to about 70 – 90 cents for each dollar expended by HUD, saving U.S. taxpayers in excess of $2.1 billion (in the form of credit subsidy savings). Among other headlines, the results inspired Barron’s to describe the loan sales as, “At last, HUD does something right for taxpayers!”

    To continue reading Catherine’s commentary on current events subscribe to The Solari Report here. Subscribers can log in to finish reading here.


    By Sam Ro

    Tensions are relatively high between China and Japan, respectively the world’s second- and third-largest economies.

    Just yesterday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni war shrine, an act that can only worsen relations between Japan and China.

    Recent rows between the two nations have largely been tied to an ownership dispute regarding a string of islands in the East China Sea.

    Continue Reading


    By JC Parets

    And just like that, we’re almost done with the month of April. So you know what that means? The ‘Sell in May and Go Away’ chatter now begins. Does it work? Does it not work? Should we always sell in May? Why does it work? Where does this come from? What if I’m more long-term? What if it’s a midterm election year? All great questions.

    Let’s begin with where this originally came from. The old saying is officially,

    “Sell in May and go away. Stay away till St. Leger’s Day”

    Continue Reading


    By Loretta Chao, Gautham Nagesh and Frances Robinson

    The U.S. has agreed to give up supervision of the Internet policy-making body that controls domain names, hoping to satisfy countries that want more international control over the Internet. This week, Washington will find out if its actions have eased global tensions over its cyberspying activities.

    World representatives are arriving in Brazil for Net Mundial, a two-day meeting about Internet governance that starts Wednesday in São Paulo. The meeting comes amid fallout over spying by the U.S. National Security Agency that has renewed concerns over the U.S. government’s credibility and over longtime U.S. oversight of the Internet.

    Continue Reading


    By Accuity

    These bank rankings are compiled from balance sheet information included on Bankers Almanac available at 25 February 2014. The information available at this date is used to compile the full world and country rankings.

    • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited, China
    • Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
    • BNP Paribas SA, France
    • Crédit Agricole SA, France
    • Barclays Bank PLC, UK
    • China Construction Bank Corporation, China
    • Agricultural Bank of China Limited, China
    • JAPAN POST BANK Co Ltd., Japan
    • The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, UK
    • Bank of China Limited, China

    Continue Reading to see the top 50


    By Nancy Owano

    Members of the Open Source Seed Initiative this week held a rally and seed giveaway event. The group is concerned over restricting access to seeds through patents. They are stirring up public awareness over their mission to model a new crop system of seed-sharing in the spirit of open source software. On Thursday the OSSI group gathered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to give away a set of seeds that can be used by anyone. The seeds are unrestricted by patents or intellectual property barriers. They released 29 new varieties of crops under an “open source pledge” for farmers, gardeners and plant breeders. The new varieties involved broccoli, celery, kale, quinoa and other vegetables and grains released under their novel Pledge, to be printed on all OSSI seed packets.

    Continue Reading


    “For the human psyche is one of the great forces of nature, and what is most frightening about this space/time technology is that it exposes us to this force within us as nothing else ever has. We are standing in the storm of our own being.”

    ~ Michael Ventura

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The rebalancing of the global economies, begun with the creation of the WTO in 1995, is well underway. Initially, the focus was on production and the reorganization of global labor markets, whereby developed world labor competed more directly with those in the emerging markets. That reorganization has more to go. As Sir James Goldsmith said, this is a fundamental shift in the relationship between capital and labor dramatically in favor of capital.

    A reminder of that fact was a report on a study we published on the blog recently that, in fact, the top 1% is not doing better. If you break down the wealth within the 1%, it is the top .01% that is doing better. That is the 1% of the 1%. The wealth of the remaining 0.99% has flat-lined.

    With nearly 2 billion people with devices that can access the Internet – we are entering a new phase in the rebalancing of the global economy. We are not just using the reorganization of production and labor to provide the developed world with cheaper goods. As described in the 1st Quarter Wrap Up, we are reorganizing the global consumer and the methods of distributing media and entertainment and goods and services.  We are reinventing the relationship between bytes and atoms. This has profound implications for both economy and culture. We are introducing millions of people to social media and the digital currencies and payment systems of centrally controlled financial institutions before faucets and toilets and we are doing it at high speed.



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