By Catherine Austin Fitts

The Chinese are doing an audit of their debt? How scary is that?

Not as scary as an audit of US debt – after all Secretary O’Neill got fired by Bush-Cheney for daring to attempt that!

How about Larry Summers who engineered the suppression of the gold price. the bubbling of the housing market and $3.3+ trillion missing from the US government being considered for Fed Chairman?

Lesson learned: Crime pays.

Looks like someone wants Ben out and Larry in. A judge in the court of claims has ordered Ben to testify in the AIG case.

This morning Morningstar recommended subscribers ditch long bonds.

One wonders if they were concerned about interest rates, or rather the fact that governance of the bond market may be defined by factional squabbles rather than adult supervision.

The big banks are saying “if you want us to engineer interest rates down and keep them down, we want our Manipulator-in-Chief at the Fed.”

Let’s see what Ben and the Fed do this week, in light of the push for Summers and anticipating the debt limit squabble this fall.