By Catherine Austin Fitts

Gold is a metal.

If everyone takes all their money out of operating enterprises and puts it in gold and pays people to watch their gold or dig up the earth to get more gold, the economy will stop.

The top guys bubbled real estate and used the money to buy up gold and silver cheap while imploding the emerging markets and forcing their way into big real estate and equity positions there. Now they will allow gold and silver to rise and shift their money back into real estate and land. The emerging markets will continue to rise. And of course there will be interim pumps and dumps along with the way. And technology, including of weaponry, is the wildcard. Our current economy is operating on 50-100 year old technology.

Of course, without law, that which can be stolen and protected rises in value.  Operating enterprises require the rule of law or expensive private armies to retain value when times are lawless.

Hence, there is no one answer, no magic bullet.  If there is a core, it is certainly not a metal. It is, rather, intelligence both human and divine.

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.”

Great economies are raised one healthy child at a time. Sound currency certainly helps.

And in response to a subsequent question on long term outlook for gold prices and concern that gold is leaving the country for other markets:

We are in a long term bull market for metals, with a way to go. It may get bubbled here or not. How fast or slow the rise depends on politics as does the ultimate top. It is likely to end or flatten off when a new global currency system is implemented.

Again, technology is a wildcard. Introduce existing but not yet applied energy technology and the pricing formulas could change, including wildly. The gold price emerges from a game of economic warfare between factions who have political and strategic goals. A lot of the money that has been pulled out has gone into investment in space – both travel and sites. Remember, earth is not the only planet that can be mined. And what the economics of those space investments are is hard to fathom.

It is frustrating to discern what the games are up to day to day as getting reliable information is difficult at best. That is why our conversation is valuable. We are much more intelligent with lots of smart people watching and identifying the patterns that influence gold and the currency systems.

When you ship all your machinery abroad, it is a matter of time until your gold follows….