Neil Macdonald: Al Jazeera America, Test Case for an Open Society

CBC News | 11 January 2013
Most Westerners have no idea where N’Djamena is. Al Jazeera English operates…

U.S. Government Increases National Debt—and Keeps 128 Million People on Government Programs

The Heritage Foundation | 08 January 2013
Between 1988 and 2011, the amount of the U.S. population that receives assistance…

Larry Pratt Slams Piers Morgan Over “Sham” Gun Control Argument

Info Wars | 10 January 2013
CNN host is still ludicrously claiming that gun control made England safe…

Most States Keep Gun Permit Data Under Wraps

The New York Times | 09 January 2013
In the extended national conversation about guns that has unfolded since the…

Japan Sees Opportunity in Myanmar’s Emerging Economy

Reuters | 05 January 2013
Japan’s deputy prime minister confirmed fresh financial aid for Myanmar…

Al Gore’s Payday From Oil-Rich Qatar ‘Reeking With Irony’

Bloomberg | 04 January 2013
Al Gore, who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against…

Should AIG Pursue Lawsuit Against the Government That Saved It?

Yahoo! Finance | 08 January 2013
They say the surest way to lose a friend is to lend him money.

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan – LIVE from CNN Jan 7, 2013

TV. Natural News | 08 January 2013

US Could Hit Debt-Limit Deadline as Early as Feb. 15, Say Experts

The Hill | 07 January 2013
The United States could face a debt-ceiling crisis as early as mid-February…

Spain Plunders 90% Of Social Security Fund To Buy Its Own Debt

Zero Hedge | 03 January 2013
With Spanish 10Y yields hovering at a ‘relatively’ healthy 5%, having been driven…

President Obama Picks Chuck Hagel, Fight Over Defense Secretary

ABC News | 07 January 2013
Two weeks before his inauguration, and with more “fiscal cliffs” on the horizon…
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Ex-Officer Is First From C.I.A. to Face Prison for a Leak

The New York Times | 05 January 2013
Looking back, John C. Kiriakou admits he should have known better.

Their Apps Track You. Will Congress Track Them?

The New York Times | 05 January 2013
There are three things that matter in consumer data collection: location…

Report: Obama Cutting Secret Deal with Banks Because Foreclosure Probe is Going Badly

The Washington Examiner | 05 January 2013
President Obama’s financial regulators are reportedly negotiating a secret…

In First New Year Speech, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Calls for Economic Revamp

CNN | 02 January 2013
In his first New Year’s address, the young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told…

North Korea Enlists German Help to Prepare Economic Opening

Spiegel Online | 04 January 2013
Pyongyang may be preparing to open up its economy. A report in a prominent newspaper…

Prepaid With Dave (Part 4)

Trade With Dave | 02 January 2013
When I started this series titled “Prepaid With Dave” a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about…