Gun Control – A Victims Perspective!!!

Korelin Economics Report | 13 January 2013

First State Salvo on Gun Control Fired in N.Y.
NRA-ILA | 18 January 2013
Public Input Prevented as Cuomo Seizes Gun Rights in Overnight Session, with Secret Deals, Procedural Shortcuts and Midnight Votes…

U.S. Republicans Weigh Short-Term Debt Limit Increase

Reuters | 17 January 2013
The move, described as under consideration by House…

China backs Ayatollah Khamenei’s Decree Against Nuclear Weapons

Press TV | 17 January 2013
China voices support for Iran’s reaffirmation of the fatwa…

U.S., Japan Review Defense Guidelines Amid Tension with China

Reuters | 17 January 2013
The revision to the guidelines, which set rules on how…

Brussels on Edge Ahead of Cameron’s EU Speech

Yahoo! News | 16 January 2013
It’s been called a tightrope walk, an attempt to thread a needle in the dark…

Texas Considers Jail For Federal Agents Enforcing New Gun Regulations

Captain’s Journal | 15 January 2013
So as we have been discussing, Texas is considering a proposal…

Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment

The Tenth Amendment Center
Introduced by Missouri State Representative Casey Guernsey…

Silver Manipulation Case Against JPMorgan Dismissed

Silver Investing News | 15 January 2013
A US federal court has dismissed a class-action lawsuit that accuses…

Germany Reacts To The Retiring Treasury Secretary’s Parting Shot

Mine Set | 16 January 2013
I respectfully disagree with most of the explanations…

Mali: A Guide to the Conflict

The Guardian | 16 January 2013
France last week launched air strikes against Islamist…

Ky. Sheriff: You’re Never Going to Pull Guns Out of Here

Fox News | 14 January 2013
Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman vows that federal…

LISTEN Up America: Australia TRIED THIS

Market Ticker
And did they get a cessation of violence — including gun violence?

Guess Who Just Jumped on the Anti-SOPA Train

The Atlantic Wire | 14 January 2013
The Obama administration has waded into the controversy over SOPA…

If They Come for Us in the Morning: An Open Letter to Detroiters from Elected School Board Members

Truth Out | 10 January 2013
I am writing to you to fill in the silence of the sheep.

Texas Calls on Supreme Court to Settle Water Dispute With New Mexico

Statesman | 08 January 2013
Raising the heat in a long-simmering dispute between Texas and New Mexico…

Robert F. Kennedy: Warren Commission “A Shoddy Piece of Craftsmanship”

Salon | 14 January 2013
Almost 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, add…

Congress Hits Taxpayer With Debt Ceiling Vote Delay: Muni Credit

Bloomberg | 13 January 2013
The looming battle between President Barack Obama and Congress over…

Obama Demands Quick Action to Raise Debt Limit

Yahoo! Finance | 14 January 2013
President Barack Obama demanded on Monday that lawmakers raise the nation’s $16.4 trillion…

As Hugo Chavez Fights For His Life, Cuba Fears for its Future

The Telegraph | 12 January 2013
Venezuela is not the only Latin American nation that is…

Professor’s Questions About Sandy Hook Shooting Recall Columbine Massacre
The Daily Bell | 13 January 2013
Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who…

EPA to Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Signs of the Times | 11 January 2013
Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove…

COMPLETE: Ben Shapiro CUTS Piers Morgan DOWN
Youtube | 10 January 2013

How to End the ‘Gun Debate’ Forever

Activist Post | 11 January 2013
Violence is driven by socioeconomic and cultural factors, not…