On my last trip to California I kept running into a group of people promoting specific solutions to the problems that face us, including government owned banks, B corporations, impact investing and certain kinds of local investment. Often times these solutions reflected inadequate assessments of the challenges before us and had the potential to make things far worse, rather than better, not to mention losing time and money for well meaning participants.

I am a great fan of Bonnie Faulkner and her radio show Guns & Butter. Bonnie did an interview series on Guns & Butter called “Unpacking Mr. Global.” It seemed like a great follow up to that series to invite Bonnie to talk about how we ensure that we invest our time and idea in ways that bring about real solutions.

So, Bonnie and I went into the studio on a rainy afternoon to talk about some of the important issues related to bringing about positive and lasting change.

This is a time that calls us all to play a role – each in our own time and place. My hope is that this dialogue will help you understand the world around you, protect you from distractions and focus your efforts in a manner that is successful and brings joy and satisfaction for you and those you love.

~ Catherine Austin Fitts

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