[Note from CAF: While I admire Congressman Giffords, what she is saying flies in the face of overwhelming documentation of the facts. Gun ownership saves many more lives than those lost from accidents or homicides. The security detail  who protect the President’s children are armed. Same with those who guard Congress. If they feel disarming would save lives, all the Administration and Congress have to do is ask the secret service and capital hill police to disarm. ‘Coming clean’ means starting first in our own lives, rather than forcing other people to do something that we are not doing.]

By Heidi Przybyla

Former U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords said “the time is now” for Congress to take action on guns, saying too many children are dying from the violence that also severely wounded her two years ago.

“Speaking is difficult, but I need to say something important,” Giffords said in a strong though halting voice at the start of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on gun violence. “Violence is a big problem. Too many children are dying. Too many children. We must do something.”

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