Breakthrough Energy Movement

Dear people, speakers, team members and supporters of Globalbem.

I want to wish you all on behalf of Globalbem a happy Christmas and a wonderful 2013 and lets hope we are all going to be a witness that finally breakthrough energy technology will be a reality for everybody.

We want to thank you all being part of our successful conference in Hilversum and staying in contact with us. About staying in contact from my side, i want to make a apology because i have been lacking in that. I was too overwhelmed by all the contacts and i needed to decompress from 1,5 years working almost everyday on Globalbem and we have been still working on the background on Globalbem 2.0. I’m writing you this message from the USA were I’m visiting my girlfriend Maddy and were i found new energy to go full forward with Globalbem. Here is a little update on our developments….

  • A new website called Globalbemvoices will be launched January 2013 and will focus on all Globalbem related media things like a new Globalbem podcast show, content from the conference, Globalbem magazine, Globalbem soundcload, Globalbem books and much more
  • Our conference beneficiaries offered 5 people from the Globalbem team to be full paid for the time period of three months to get things going on a more professional bases. The team members selected for that for now are Robert Dupper, Michael Chichi, Barry Visser, Madeline Villar and myself. In this period we hope with the rest of the Globalbem team to find more funding to expand the team and be a self sustaining foundation.
  • This last week we as Globalbem had an opportunity to be part of the annual board meeting of the New energy movement to see if we can join forces. This was a very positive meeting and progress was made…to be continued
  • The presentations from the conference will be online for all of you to be viewed for free this January 2013, sorry for the delay
  • Next location for Globalbem conference will be announced in January 2013

I have included the group picture that was taken in Hilversum on Thursday evening, too bad that not everybody is on it due to later arrival. I have also included a document with all links to related articles, music, video’s etc related to the Hilversum conference.

I hope to pick up my contact with most people involved in a more frequent way beginning January when the Globalbem team will go into full mode forward.

All the best and keep up the good work,
Jeroen for the Globalbem team