By Joseph P. Farrell

India may – and in my opinion probably will – join a growing list of nations banning Duponzanto’s and Mon(ster)santo’s hideous GMO foods. And let’s be honest, their products are hideous, they are producing human suffering, and the track record of persecution of farmers, complete and total disregard of human life, and of the science increasingly challenging their own product, and their own abysmal track record on every level, makes these corporations truly hideous as well. But this article spells out even more dangers, one of which Mon(ster)santo and like-minded “agribusiness giants” are keeping well-hidden from the American people, as Californians prepare to vote on proposition 37:

I hope you caught the vast economic and geopolitical implication of this article, but in case you didn’t, here is the core of it:

“If the contamination was not caught, however, it could have gone anywhere and compromised the very genetic integrity of non-GMO farming grounds. It is for this reason that many companies outside of the United States generally dislike purchasing from U.S. farmers, as they sometimes contain even trace levels of GMO contaminants. More and more we receive reports of farmers being completely cut off from other nations after being found to contain trace levels of GMO contamination.

“India is looking to stop this before it becomes much of an issue.“(Emphasis added)

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