Trillions of Dollars Worth of Oil Found in Australian Outback
The Telegraph | 24 January 2013
The discovery in central Australia was reported by Linc Energy…

Gold Initiative Prepares the SNB Headache

20 Minutes Online | 24 January 2013
Where are the 1,040 tonnes of gold the Swiss National Bank?…

The State of Trust

Trust Barometer | 19 January 2013
Data and insights about trust in business, government, media and NGOs…

Germany, France and Nine Other EU Countries Approved Tax on Financial Transactions

Merco Press | 25 January 2013
The Times reported that EU finance ministers gave their…

Guest Post: Do I Have To Report My Offshore Gold…?

Zero Hedge | 23 January 2013
Let’s do a little math problem today.

Nuveen No. 1 Embracing Dirt Bonds for Homes Rebound: Muni Credit

Bloomberg | 22 January 2013
John Miller at Nuveen Asset Management LLC, who beat all…

Analysis – The Great Rotation: a Flight to Equities in 2013

Reuters | 23 January 2013
What’s already known as the “The Great Rotation” – a tilting of pension…

Global Jobless to Hit Record 200 Million This Year: ILO

Reuters | 21 January 2013
The U.N. jobs watchdog estimates unemployment will rise by 5.1 million…

Calpers Buy-Hold Rule Recoups $95 Billion Recession Loss

Bloomberg | 21 January 2013
The California Public Employees’ Retirement System is poised to top a record…

Federal Court Strikes Down IRS Tax Return Preparer Registration Program

Journal of Accountancy | 22 January 2013
The United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday struck down…

Decentralizing Telecom

Local Org | 02 December 2012
SOPA, ACTA, the criminalization of sharing, and a myriad of other measures…

Capitalism 2.0: Distributed, Democratic Capitalism

One Million by One Million Blog | 12 October 2010
Even though I have been thinking about it for a while, I have taken…