Payrolls in U.S. Probably Expanded at a Quicker Pace in January

Bloomberg | 01 February 2013
The labor market in the U.S. probably kept making progress in January…

Amazon’s Future Is Not in Selling Stuff — And That’s a Good Thing

Wired | 31 January 2013
During Amazon’s wonkish earnings call this week, Chief Financial Officer…

Fed Keeps Stimulus in Place as U.S. Economy “Paused”

Reuters | 30 January 2013
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday left in place its monthly $85 billion bond-buying…

Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose 38,000 Last Week to 368,000

Bloomberg | 31 January 2013
Claims for U.S. unemployment benefits increased more than forecast last week, nearly

New Credit Card Fees Kick in Sunday

ABC News | 26 January 2013
Starting Sunday, paying by credit card could get more expensive.

Now and the Future

Now and the Futures
Share economic and financial forecasts and insights based on facts.

Global Risks 2013

World Economic Forum | January 2013
The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2013 report is developed…

North Dakota Struggles to Cope With its Oil-Boom Prosperity

Star Tribune | 26 January 2013
His tan overalls splattered with oil field mud, 41-year-old trucker…

U.S. Stocks Rise as Dow Climbs to 5-Year High on Earnings

Bloomberg | 29 January 2013
U.S. stocks advanced, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average to a five-year high…

Overdue Student Loans Reach ‘Unsustainable’ 15%, Fair Isaac Says

Bloomberg | 29 January 2013
Delinquency rates on student loans made in the past two years stand at 15 percent…

France ‘Totally Bankrupt’, Says Labour Minister Michel Sapin

The Telegraph | 28 January 2013
Michel Sapin made the gaffe in a radio interview, which left…

Apple: The Slaying of a Tech Hero

Yahoo! Finance | 25 January 2013
Apple’s quarterly results this week drew a flood of reactions – almost all negative.

How Newegg Crushed the “Shopping Cart” Patent and Saved Online Retail

ARS Technica | 27 January 2013
Anyone who visited Soverain Software’s website could be forgiven for believing…

Investors Seek to Buy Island From Detroit and Start a ‘New Nation’ Free of Personal and Corporate Income Taxes, Where Everyone has Good Credit and Citizenship Costs $300G

The Daily Mail Online | 26 January 2013
A developer wants the city of Detroit to sell an island that is now a city park…

Exclusive: UBS Chairman Proposes Industry-Wide Settlement Over Libor

Yahoo! Finance | 25 January 2013
UBS Chairman Axel Weber raised the possibility of an industry-wide settlement…