Switzerland and Britain Are Now at Currency War

The Telegraph | 03 January 2013
It seems you can’t debase your coinage these days even if you try.

Fed Minutes Show Some Concerns on Bond Purchases

Yahoo! Finance | 03 January 2013
Federal Reserve policymakers expressed broad support last month for the Fed’s…

Euros Discarded as Impoverished Greeks Resort to Bartering

The Guardian | 02 January 2013
It’s been a busy day at the market in downtown Volos.

Seeds of Doubt: Brazilian Farmers Sue Monsanto

Transcend Media Service
Five million Brazilian farmers are locked in a lawsuit with US-based biotech…

Americans Miss $200 Billion Abandoning Stocks

Bloomberg | 24 December 2012
Americans have missed out on almost $200 billion of stock gains as they…

America in 2012, as Told in Charts

The New York Times | 31 December 2012
In 2012, the slow recovery dominated both the economic news and…

Dealers Tighten Treasuries Grip as New Fed QE3 Suppresses

Bloomberg | 24 December 2012
The world’s biggest bond dealers are growing more reluctant to give up…

Biggest Earners and Spenders in 2012

Toshl Finance
How Toshl users around the globe whip their finances into shape. Gently.

Lottery Payouts and State Revenue, 2010

State Lotteries sold $53 billion in tickets in 2010…

Retailers Lead U.S. Shares Lower; Yen Hits Two-Year Low

Yahoo! Finance | 26 December 2012
The yen fell to a two-year low against the dollar on Wednesday as Japan’s new…

HSBC Sued By Atlanta-Area Counties Over Predatory Lending Claims

The Huffington Post | 24 December 2012
Three Atlanta-area counties have filed a lawsuit claiming that British bank HSBC…

Cargo Continues Moving on the Mississippi River, but Perhaps Not for Long

The New York Times | 23 December 2012
The Mississippi River is still open for business — for now. January is another story.

American Dream Fades for Generation Y Professionals

Bloomberg | 21 December 2012
After being dismissed from her job as a Midtown Manhattan securities attorney…

Rolling Jubilee Aims to Provide Debt Relief to Americans Struggling With Loans

Free Speech Radio News | 20 December 2012
While banks continue to profit and many Americans continue to acquire debt, a new campaign is…

AC2012 The Engtanglement KB

YouTube | 16 December 2012