“Keep Calm and Carry On” ~ British government advice regarding the possibility of invasion during WWII

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It’s time for the Precious Metals Market Report.

As a Solari Report subscriber, you surely know that markets are managed – they do not function according to free market theories and notions of supply and demand taught in macroeconomics class in colleges and business schools.

This week, after Franklin Sanders updates us on recent activity in the gold and silver markets, we are going to discuss how precious metals have fared in recent U.S. Presidential election cycles as well as the impact of recent Federal reserve policies. I have been working on an article about long term trends in the precious metals market. I want to review the primary trend in the context of the European negotiations regarding the Euro, tensions in the Middle East and the key political agendas driving the management of markets today. Franklin and I will also address the ongoing settlements between regulators and the banks as a result of rigging of LIBOR interest rates.

Franklin and I will update you on the conference we are holding in October in Tennessee – Transformations & Renewals. Check out the link in the subscriber only section of this blog post.

In Lets Go to the Movies, we will review one of the most inspiring documentaries yet on the topic of food and health – Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Australian Joe Cross travels across America healing himself of an autoimmune disease with a juice fast. He meets a trucker, Phil Staples, who has the same disease and proceeds to help Phil do the same.  Phil, in turn, inspires numerous members of his community to try juice fasting. Joe is a successful investor by trade who makes a documentary about his journey, demonstrating the power of investing in ourselves and each other. His website continues to help people worldwide who are interested in getting healthier.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Official Trailer

(5 March 11)

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