By Catherine Austin Fitts

I drive the full length of North America at least once a year.

From Tennessee, I drive West to San Francisco and back once or twice a year. Sometimes I go the Northern route, through the Dakotas and Montana. Sometimes, I go the Southern route, through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

And then at least once a year I also go East, from Tennessee up to Philadelphia and New Hampshire and back.

I have been to all fifty states – most of them many times – and seen many wonders of the land and waters that grace this part of our planet. I never cease to marvel at the beauty of it.

Last month I stopped in Southern California to meet with Dr. Joseph Farrell and his co-author Dr. Scott de Hart for an evening and afternoon of profoundly insightful conversations. One of the things we spoke of was culture as a source of power and faith. We explored how we could contribute. I will never forget Joseph asking the question, “Where are the great new American composers?”

Late that very night I received an announcement from a new, special music publisher, RefinersFire, of their release, Dakota Wind by father-daughter composer duo Dr. Michael & Elizabeth Linton.

Here is the great new American music – here is musical composition that captures the majesty of our land and the spirit and intelligence that created it.

You can find more on Dakota Wind here.