First-Ever Incredible Footage of a Thought Being Formed

Alex Jones | 01 February 2013
A team of Japanese researchers has achieved something incredible…

Is Your Television Watching YOU? Smart TVs Can Spy on Their Owners

Alex Jones | 01 February 2013
It sounds like some wild conspiracy theory or like something out of…

Wall Street Journal Announces That It Was Hacked by the Chinese, Too

The New York Times | 31 January 2013
One day after The New York Times reported that Chinese hackers had infiltrated…

Google Faces Legal Action Over Alleged Secret iPhone Tracking

The Guardian | 27 January 2013
Google is facing a fresh privacy battle in the UK over its alleged secret tracking…

South Korea Launches Space Rocket Carrying Satellite

BBC News | 30 January 2013
South Korea says its third attempt at launching a rocket to put a satellite…

Hero Soldier Who Lost All Four Limbs in Iraq Blast Becomes First U.S. Veteran to Receive Double Arm Transplant

The Daily Mail Online | 28 January 2013
The first soldier to survive after losing all four limbs in the Iraq war has…

Apple v. Samsung: Judge Rules Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe

Wired | 29 January 2013
Samsung’s infringement of Apple’s design and utility patents was not “willful,”…

Why the Robot Age May Create a Massive Deflationary Bust

Peak Prosperity | 29 January 2013
Capitalism demands fast gains in productivity. Capitalism seeks revolutionary change.

Deception Is Futile When Big Brother’s Lie Detector Turns Its Eyes on You

Wired | 17 January 2013
Alan Bersin, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, arrives at the gloomy…

Alcoholism Vaccine Will Give Drinkers an Immediate Hangover if They Drink Even a Small Amount of Booze

The Daily Mail Online | 26 January 2013
A new vaccine will give anyone who drinks even a small amount of alcohol…

Star Trek Style ‘Tractor Beam’ Created by Scientists

BBC News | 24 January 2013
It is hoped it could have medical applications by targeting and attracting…

The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far): It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone

The Atlantic | 27 January 2013
When did we decide that we wanted a law that could make unlocking your smartphone a criminal offense?