The Most Mind-Blowing 3-D Printed Objects Of 2012
Pop Sci l 31 December 2012

Fusion Power Could Happen Sooner Than You Think
Pop Sci l 18 February 2013
n a presentation that seems ripped from the Atomic Age, Lockheed Skunkworks…

We’re Losing Power to Centralized Systems
Eco Ri News l 16 February 2013
When Aquidneck Island lost power last weekend, Islanders experienced…

Holograms of Holocaust Survivors let Crucial Stories Live On
cnet l 11 February 2013
History preserved: As the aging Holocaust survivor population dwindles. . .

SEC Developing New Fraud Detection Technology

The Washington Post l 15 February 2013
The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to launch computer software this year to spot accounting anomalies. . .

Hydrogen-powered Cars – The Future, Finally
The Economist | 15 February 2013
“IT IS the fuel of the future—and always will be,” sceptics joke.

Can You Trust the New Brain With an IQ of 7000?

Jon Rappoport’s Blog | 16 February 2013
I’ve been forcing myself to read gushing statements about the march…