Teenage Gamers Better At Simulated Surgery Than Medical Residents

Tech Crunch | 17 November 2012
Forget AP Biology and Latin class: get those pre-meds hooked on Call of Duty.

Electric Cars Suffer in Epic Faceplant

The Street | 1 November 2012
Last week I gave a keynote presentation at Batteries 2012, an important global conference for developers and manufacturers of “advanced technology batteries” including nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion chemistries.

NTSB Seeks U.S. Mandate for Auto Safety Technologies

Detroit News | 14 November 2012
The National Transportation Safety Board wants the U.S. government to mandate costly new safety technologies in all vehicles to help reduce driver distractions.

Brain Wave Patterns Can Predict Blunders, New Study Finds

Science Daily | 25 March 2009
A distinct alpha-wave pattern occurs in two brain regions just before subjects make mistakes on attention-demanding tests, according to a new study.

Flying Machine Arena

YouTube | 05 September 2012