By Catherine Austin Fitts

Take a moment to review some of the decision points coming up this month.  We are watching a scramble for market share and cash flows.

Commodities still down. Emerging markets falling. Will the North American and European stock markets correct? After all, September has historically been the worst month for stocks.

And what about bonds? All eyes are on interest rates as political leadership and central bankers meet and greet.

September 2: Japan announces radiation many times worse than originally stated

September 5-6 G20 Leaders gather in St. Petersburg this week; G-7 presents their tax proposals

September 6: US payroll data for August announced

September 9: US Congress returns to decide on military action in Syria, continue budget talks to finalize a 2014 budget by October 1 and raise the debt limit by mid-October

September 17 – 18 – Fed Meeting to discuss the tapering monthly bond purchases

September 22 – German Election

Ongoing: Whose the next Fed Chairman? Yellen, a dark horse or Larry the Liquidator.

Not on the calendar – millions of entrepreneurs and small business people building the economy and the future, ignoring the grand chessboard.