By Catherine Austin Fitts

I often recommend Black Money by Michael Thomas for people interested in understanding Promis software and the impact it had on the global financial system. On Jon Rappoport’s recommendation, I just finished Brad Thor’s thriller Black List.

Black List picks up on where Black Money leaves off – introducing the reader to what intelligence agencies and government contractors with unlimited budgets can do with telecommunications, the Internet, database technology, GIS software and artificial intelligence. It is highly recommended for those would like to understand why social media and “the cloud” are not what they seem.

Black List is a fictional story of an attempted digital coup d’etat of the United States. The book name refers to a list of people who can be assassinated on the order of the President without due process. It takes you inside the mechanics of privacy invasion backed up by covert violence and how it translates into the kind of control that eliminates financial security and freedom.

Lest you think it is fiction, here is a recent interview to remind you that it is all too real. Also see Julian Assange’s recent interview posted here under Geopolitics.

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