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From the transcript:

Austin Fitts: Let’s turn to our interview. It’s always a special treat because Katherine Albrecht is just amazing – she has an amazing ability to articulate and communicate the challenges of new and very invasive technology.

Katherine is an author and co-author of six books and videos. The two most popular are Spychips and The Spychips Threat. She was a guest on the Solari Report in April of 2010, and we talked about her book Spy Chips at that time.

She’s the director of the CASPIAN Consumer Privacy Network. She holds a doctorate and masters from Harvard in education, and is extremely well educated, in addition, on all aspects of digital technology. Katherine, are you with us?

Albrecht: I sure am. It’s a delight to be on with you and your listeners tonight, Catherine.

Austin Fitts: Well, I want you to know you’re the only person who’s ever been the hero twice on the Solari Report.

Albrecht: Oh, my goodness. Well, thank you so much. That’s really an honor.