A transcript of Catherine’s January 5, 2012 Year End 2011 Wrap-up is now available to Solari Report Subscribers!

From the transcript:

This is the first Solari Report of 2012. It’s the year we’ve all been waiting for. Tonight is our annual wrap-up. That’s the time I like to look back over the last year and then forward for the important trends of the coming year, 2012. Every year for the Solari Report, we do a poster, and our poster last year showed sort of a wagon train on the prairie, and we called it “Slow Burn on the Prairie.”

The theme and the focus was on what a difficult year we needed to grind through in 2011. Sure enough “slow burn on the prairie” was very appropriate, because sure enough we did slow burn through a very difficult year. Our poster for 2012 is a little bit of a spoof on all of the apocalyptic talk about 2012. In the slogan, we have a young child holding a poster, and instead of it saying, “The End is Near,” it says, “The Beginning is Near.”

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