A transcript of Catherine’s 7.05.12 interview of Dale Dougherty of the Maker Movement is now available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: So why don’t we just dive in and tell us what – who are the makers? What is a maker? How do you become a maker? How did this all get started?

Dale: Okay. Well, you know, in many ways, making represents kind of a re-engagement with physical things like objects and the processes that we use to create and build things. I started Make Magazine really in about 2005 – 2006 because I saw people, particularly people who had worked most of their life in software and being reengaged – or reengaging in hardware and physical things, whether you call them robots or rockets or all kinds of things.

And I just saw kind of a renewed interest in tinkering and the practices of, oh, just take something apart and figure out what’s inside of it and how to use that. And I think in some ways there’s always been people doing that kind of thing. I sort of gave it a new name and kind of a freshened up identity. But if you go back to the early days of the personal computer, people were building kits – Heathkits and others to really build their first computer. It was a chance to get something they could not buy.

And I think we’ve had a strong streak in engineering and even other disciplines like industrial design of people who really – they not only have ideas, they wanna realize those ideas in particular objects. And I think when we reintroduced this idea and called it “make” and kind of intentionally said, “Our audience are makers; they are people who make things,” we allowed people who had specific fields of interest to kind of all gather together.

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