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From the transcript:

Catherine: Well we have many more things to talk about, but actually I would love to talk about them with Franklin. So Franklin, are you with us?

Franklin: I’m right here, but I have to warn you that I’m losing my voice, so if it sounds like I’ve got a cough drop in my mouth, it’s because I do.

Catherine: Oh, no! You’ve got 12 more days to Christmas. How are you going to do this?

Franklin: I don’t know. I hope I can get rid of it by then.

Catherine: Let me start off, because you know me; I am in the holiday mood. I put this up on the blog post, and I just wanted to remind everybody of it because one of the things off and on that I’ve done for Christmas is give children silver and gold coins. It used to drive me crazy trying to keep straight what I was giving to different kids, you know, because I had different things in the inventory. And then keeping the amounts straight Christmas to Christmas and birthday to birthday – and so when Franklin told me about his idea for a silver and gold payment calculator, I immediately realized what genius it was, because that was the one thing standing between me and liquidity of gift-giving with silver and gold.