Transcript of the Precious Metals Market Report with James Turk and Franklin Sanders is now available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: It’s my pleasure to welcome to the Solari Report a gentleman who many of you know and have heard before, and that’s James Turk, who is the proprietor, the founder and the chairman of GoldMoney, a company that provides access to owning and depositing gold and silver in a variety of places around the world. You can access it at James is a well known commentator on the precious metals market and, in fact, is the gentleman who introduced me to the one-and-only Franklin Sanders, whom I have the pleasure of joining at his Top of the World Farm here in Tennessee. So Franklin and James, welcome to the Solari Report.

We’ve had an unprecedented three months in the precious metals market, so let’s dive in. If we could get a recap from James about what’s been happening since April, for the second Quarter. Then I’m going to invite all of us to talk about how much of this has been market forces at work. Or are we seeing some sort of central management and regulatory forces? Let’s begin with an update. James, I’ll start with you.