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From the transcript:

Catherine: Good evening. This is Catherine Austin Fitts. Welcome to the Solari Report. Today is November 29, 2012, and tonight, “The Power of IT,” a conversation with Jon Rappoport and myself about the difference between force and authentic power and how you can use the knowledge to protect yourself and to start to build real power. I was coming back from California, and I stopped with Jon in his home in Southern California to talk with him. We got talking, and the next thing you know we decided we have to share this conversation with our subscribers.

So today, we’re not having the planned Jon Rappoport – Jon is going to be doing his monthly report at the end of the month. So I decided I would join him this evening for this conversation. Our goal tonight is that as you listen and get a deeper understanding of the difference between a system run through force and systems run through real power it will help you withdraw – withdraw your mind, your body, your associations, your finances – away from that which is not authentic, away from systems run by force.

And as you withdraw you protect, or you build , your immunity from being harvested. And instead, you shift and start to build an authentic life and do it in a way which is not only better for you and those you love, but really makes it easier for everybody else to do the same. So without further ado, Jon, are you with us?

Jon: I am. Great to be here.

Catherine: Tell us why you wanted to have this conversation.

Jon: Well, I think I really wanted to have the conversation because I knew that the chemistry of talking between you and me would provoke some new ideas. And I think it’s the spontaneity of the live conversation that really gives our ideas some life. It’s not only, “Okay, here, we have preparation and a formula and steps,” and so on. It’s not so much that as it is to stimulate that part in each one of us that wants this authentic life, authentic power, and drives us to discover how we can do that – each one of us on our own.
And so that’s kind of the setting for me. I thought, “Let’s just go for it! ” Everybody’s been moving in this direction who has any consciousness at all of what’s happening in the world. And so let’s just try to push this envelope as far as we can.