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    China’s Ambitious Plan to Make the Yuan the World’s Go-To Currency
    Bloomberg | 28 September 2016

    The New Banking Crisis — In Two Frightening Graphs
    Wallstreet On Parade | 27 September 2016
    Dragged down the shares of every…

    Investors Are Worried about the Presidential Election — But They Aren’t Doing Anything About It
    BI | 27 September 2016
    Primary concern…

    Turning Up Like a Bad Penny
    Intercept | 26 September 2016
    Enrich themselves at…

    Calling the SEC
    Intercept | 25 September 2016
    Doesn’t exist and cash…

    Naked Shorts Can’t Stay Naked Forever
    Intercept | 24 September 2016
    DTC senses…


    Trump – Clinton Debate: Réaction à Chaud (Saker rant)
    The Saker | 27 September 2016
    Frankly? I was absolutely…

    Trump: We Spent $6 Trillion In The Middle East, We Could Have Rebuilt Our Country
    Real Clear Politics | 26 September 2016
    Squandered on so many…

    Winner of Last Night’s Debate was Lester Holt
    Jon Rappoport | 27 September 2016
    Trump should be doing…

    The New Star of Germany’s Far Right
    New Yorker | 27 September 2016

    McConnell Threatens Shutdown to Keep Corporate Political Spending Secret
    The Hill | 26 September 2016
    Profoundly inappropriate to include…

    Political Succession and “The Bush-Clinton Nexus”:
    Permanent Criminal State, “A Clinton White House Guarantees War with Russia”

    Global Research | 26 September 2016
    Vast and…


    Moscow to Scrap Microsoft Outlook on Putin’s Call to Use Domestic Software
    RT | 27 September 2016
    Local companies are…

    Elon Musk’s Proposed Spaceship Could Send 100 People to Mars in 80 Days
    Verge | 27 September 2016
    Propellant tankers will…

    Disney Is Working With an Adviser on Potential Twitter Bid
    Bloomberg | 26 September 2016
    It’s a …… play…

    California Fire Updates: Death Toll Rises to 5 in Butte, Valley Fires
    LA Times | 17 September 2016
    13,000 structures…

    Iowa City Flood Prevention System Holds Back Cedar River
    Yahoo | 27 September 2016
    5,800 homes and…

    Amazon’s Newest Ambition: Competing Directly With UPS and FedEx
    WSJ | 27 September 2016
    Our view…


    Turn Off the Computer and Listen to the Patient
    WSJ | 21 September 2016
    A subtle…

    Thrive and Rythmia are Working Together – Video
    Thrive Movement | 22 May 2016
    Relevant comment and related video…


    ‘Modern Family’ to Feature Transgender Child Actor in New Episode
    NY Daily News | 27 September 2016
    until they witness her…

    The Rise and Rise of Tabletop Gaming
    Guardian | 25 September 2016
    It’s the original…

    Northern Michigan University Might Have the ‘Most Dangerous’ Speech Code Ever
    Reason | 22 September 2016


    Syrian Arch Razed by ISIS and Re-created with 3D Technology Arrives in New York City
    Verge | 19 September 2016
    Goal is to bring…

    Julian Assange: Wikileaks E mail We’ve Put Clinton in Jail !

    YouTube | 25 September 2016
    Conflagration between what we’ve been publishing and…


    Former Wall St. Banker Suggests Global Debt May Not be Owned by Humans
    Daily Sheeple | 23 September 2016
    Any sane person has to wonder why…

    ICBC Designated as RMB Clearing Bank in Russia
    Global Times | 23 September 2016
    Peoples Bank of China announced Friday…

    China Continues to Unload US Debt ‘For Yuan’s SDR Entry’
    Global Times | 19 September 2016
    Advanced structural adjustments to…

    Credit-default Swaps to Trade
    Global Times | 22 September 2016
    Exposure of…

    Russia Becomes Largest Oil Supplier for China in August, Surpassing Saudi Arabia
    Global Times | 22 September 2016
    Rising number of…

    Loneliness will be the Next Great Moneyspinner
    Guardian | 20 September 2016
    One of the worst effects…


    Central Banks Boost Gold Reserves as Low Interest Rates Bite
    The Guardian | 19 September 2016
    Led by…


    Charlotte Protests Diminish early on Friday as Family Views Video
    Reuters | 22 September 2016
    Guard troops…

    30 Intelligence Officers Including Israelis Killed in Russia Missile Attack in Aleppo
    Alalam | 21 September 2016
    Earlier in September…

    Urgent Message: Stop CETA – Adopt the Social Contract

    YouTube | 21 September 2016
    Game over for Canada…

    Bizarre Message Plays on “Hacked” Radio Station: “Trump Will Go 26th”
    Info Wars | 21 September 2016
    Full five…

    Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution
    NY Times | 22 August September 2016
    Pandora’s box of…


    “France always had this balanced position that in so many conflicts was the voice of peace. I intend to maintain that. De Gaulle was pleading for a multipolar world.” ~ Marine Le Pen

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    This week on the Solari Report,  The Saker will join me for his quarterly update on the shift to a multipolar world.

    We will discuss the recent Duma elections in Russia as well as current developments in Syria and the implications for global geopolitics.

    In his quarterly report in June, Saker described the policies likely in a Clinton presidency and the risks of war. In this report, at my request, he will review his top 10 recommendations for a Trump presidency.

    We also celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of the 9/11 Truth movement, as described in Saker’s article published on the 9/11 anniversary.

    Throughout this fascinating interview, Saker synthesizes these global developments into several significant insights.

    This is the last week of the month – so no Money & Markets. If you have not listened yet, I recommend last week’s Money & Markets.  I issued a warning that the Presidential campaign is a distraction from serious political and financial developments underway. I am concerned that the “slow burn” is growing tired. Institutional and structural changes are quietly underway that many people may experience as a “controlled demolition” in the first two years of a new administration. Signs of “cut and run” by serious players are growing. It is critical that US voters focus on state and local elections and referendums designed to compromise the US Constitution.

    Post and e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine and I will address in the subscriber input area or in Money & Markets the following week.

    Have a wonderful week!


    “Being a spiritual warrior these days means pushing the media far enough away so you can think.” ~Elana Freeland, Sub Rosa America and the Fall of the New Atlantis

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    I stopped to see Dr. Farrell on my way to California. We spoke at length about “Productivity, Prosperity & the Popsicle Index,” the theme in our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up. I was inspired by his insights and asked him to join me on the Solari Report to discuss why productivity growth is so important to you and me.

    Given the explosion of new missing money from the federal government, continued financial fraud from big banks and the push to subvert the US Constitution with a constitutional convention, we can expect an acceleration of major structural shifts. Some worry about economic collapse. However, recent events look a lot more like controlled demolition and preparation for war.

    I now refer to the US Presidential campaign as “Monica Lewinsky II.” Monica Lewinsky I was the media “shriek-o-meter” that distracted during the first year of financial coup d’etat with trillions in government assets disappearing from federal agency accounts starting in October 1997. With the DOD Inspector General announcing that $6.5 trillion is missing from DOD in fiscal 2015 alone, we need to keep our eye on the ball:  “Where is the money and how to do we get it back?”

    The importance has never been greater of (i) seeing what is real  (including what is draining our productivity) and (ii) building stronger leadership and individual and local resiliency.

    We will publish our interview with Dr. Farrell here on Thursday, September 29.

    We also touch on our coming launch party in Tulsa, October 15, for the Grand Virtual Pipe Organ Crowdfund to purchase a virtual pipe organ for Joseph.  We will join 35 supporters for wine, dinner and a celebration of friendship and music.  You can buy tickets here. Stay tuned for more on the crowdfund when we launch on October 15.


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    Offer Ends October 30, 2016
    The 2016 2rd Quarter Wrap Up book – Productivity, Prosperity & the Popsicle Index – comes in a soft cover, with glossy pages, beautiful images, easy-to-follow charts. The book includes Introduction, Theme, News Trends & Stories and Financial Charts.
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    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston Churchill

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The Danish TV sensation Borgen, is described by Peggy Noonan, political editorial writer for the WSJ as “one of the greatest portrayals of modern politics and government I have ever seen.” Noonan points out in her review that “Borgen is the popular name of Copenhagen’s Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Parliament and prime minister’s office.”

    The fictional series follows Denmark’s first female prime minister through three seasons of political intrigue, policy debates and decisions. Among other things, Borgen shows how the US squeezes its allies to go along with illegal activities and how big business, media and special interests negotiate and interact with government.

    If you want to know how it feels to be “in the room where it happens,” here it is!

    DVD’s are available from Netflix and Amazon and download/stream available from the BBC and iTunes.


    [CAF Note: I try to support entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities. Philip Munyasia is one of them. This was originally posted on October 8th, 2012. I am bringing current as we just made a donation today to address emergency needs created by floods and because Philip has added Paypal to their website which makes it much easier to donate on line!]

    Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre: Empowering African Communities.

    • Come together in communities
    • Grow abundance in mixed cultures – without any chemicals
    • Recycle your organic waste and make compost
    • Learn to treat water as a living being
    • Be friendly to animals
    • Make income from the surplus
    • Save your seeds
    • Cook with Solar Energy or Bio- gas
    • Share with your neighbors
    • And join the global food revolution.



    “We must emerge good leadership going forward. If our leadership fails us, war, organized crime and lawlessness will make our choices for us. Who you choose to be, to support or to shun in your daily life will decide our future.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts, 2nd Quarter 2016 Wrap Up

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    This week on the Solari Report, I will walk you through the opportunities, risks and “who’s who” of rebuilding a local economy.

    As described in the 2nd Quarter 2016 Wrap Up, one of the essential steps in increasing productivity growth and prosperity is to realign living systems with financial systems. This realignment means decentralizing our economy – rebuilding one element and one place at a time. This task involves rebuilding family wealth and improving productivity growth in the G-7 nations, particularly as it relates to government budgets, health care, and education.

    Rebuilding local economies has been a regular topic on the Solari Report. We will publish my outline with a collection of links to the best Solari Reports, audio seminars and articles over the last decade.

    In America, rebuilding our economy will require broad-based leadership and teamwork.  I strongly encourage US subscribers to invest time between now and November in following their state and local elections. Now is your opportunity to work with friends, family and neighbors to support the leadership essential to helping us to rebuild our local economies.

    In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. I issue a serious warning about what the patterns of current financial fraud mean about what could happen after the election.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Sully, Clint Eastwood’s new movie about pilot Chesley Sullenberger, the US Airways captain who successful executed an emergency landing in the Hudson River in New York City on January 15, 2009 after a flock of geese had struck and disabled the aircraft engines soon after takeoff. All of the 155 passengers and crew aboard survived, saved by another extraordinary New York volunteer and NYPD rescue effort described in the documentary Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash.

    Talk to you Thursday!


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