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    Catherine’s 68-page book, “Prayers For The Year 2016,” written as a Christmas gift to her clients and subscribers, is available at no charge to anyone who emails a request, while supplies last.

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    The Probability of Negative U.S. Rates Is on the Rise
    Bloomberg | 08 February 2016
    Spur growth and…

    Core Employment (Age 25-54) Still Below January 2000 Level, 3 Million Below 2007
    Mish Talk | 05 February 2016
    1950 to…

    Oil Market Spiral Threatens to Prick Global debt Bubble, Warns BIS
    The Telegraph | 05 February 2016
    Liquidity is…

    Why Pensions are the New Flashpoint in Greece’s Crisis
    The Telegraph| 05 February 2016
    Manned highway blockades for…

    Exclusive: Iran Wants Euro Payment for New and Outstanding Oil Sales
    Reuters | 04 February 2016
    Iran’s biggest…

    Chinese Investor Group to Buy Chicago Stock Exchange
    Reuters | 05 February 2016


    NYPD Booting People from Homes Draws Outrage from Officials
    NY Daily News | 08 February 2016
    Locking people out…before… court 75%…

    The Trump – Clinton Problem
    Undernews | 08 February 2016
    Reflects, rather than…

    Project Censored: Winter Fund Drive
    Project Censored | 07 February 2016
    Catherine’s latest Donation

    Promoting Women Part 1: Everyone Went in the Direction Decided…
    Solari | 30 March 2014
    “That was how things were going to”…
    Background For Albright: Special Place in Hell

    Albright: ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Women Who Don’t Support Clinton
    The Guardian | 06 February 2016
    Special place in hell for…

    Pope and Patriarch to Bridge 1,000-year Split in Cuba
    Yahoo | 05 February 2016
    Extremists are conducting…


    Truth: The CSIRO is Not Netflix: Science Cannot be Treated Like a Startup
    Delimiter | 08 February 2016
    Throwing money at…

    Why the Authors Guild Is Still Wrong About Google’s Book Scanning
    Fortune | 08 February 2016
    Trumped the fact that Google…

    Indian Point Nuclear Facility Operator Reports ‘Alarming Levels’ of Radioactivity in Plant’s Groundwater; Some Wells Increase 65,000%
    NY Daily| 07 February 2016
    35 miles…

    Boeing, USAF Complete GPS IIF Constellation
    US Air Force Launches GPS Satellite to Complete Navigation Constellation
    Space | 05 February 2016
    (ULA), a joint venture between…

    Microsoft Reveals Real Cost Of ‘Free’ Windows 10
    Forbes | 05 February 2016
    Hidden …Microsoft EULA…

    Why Google’s Artificial Intelligence Boss Is Taking Over the Search Empire
    Recode | 04 February 2016
    More predictive …


    Zika Distracts from Real Damage: The Playbook
    Jon Rappoport | 08 February 2016
    Real ongoing damage…

    Zika: Who Launched the Fake-epidemic Story in Brazil?
    Jon Rappoport | 07 February 2016
    17 “had a relationship with…

    Putin Slams Big Pharma and GMO Foods
    Austrailian National Review | 18 January 2016
    Threatening the lives…

    Chipotle’s New Mantra: Safe Food, Not Just Fresh
    NY Times | 16 January 2016
    Steps Chipotle has taken are…

    The Medical Kidnapping of Cassandra C
    The Truth About Cancer | 21 July 2015
    Fought them, that they would starve…


    Is A Financial Crisis Being Covered Up? Mike Maloney

    YouTube | 04 February 2016
    Suddenly…$20 Billion move…huge drop…

    BOJ Roils $1.4 Trillion Money Market Industry as Nomura Suspends
    Yahoo Finance | 04 February 2016
    That financial institutions…

    Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth
    NY Times | 03 February 2016
    But it’s not just…

    Shorting the Yuan is Dangerous
    Gold Money | 04 February 2016
    Fall…actually increased…

    Russia Confirms Participation In OPEC Meeting Next February
    Kuwait News Agency | 28 January 2016
    A Non-OPEC…


    “2016 Will be A Good Year for Gold Investor”
    Gold Switzerland | 03 February 2016
    “The Matterhorn Interview – Jan 2016: Ronald Stoeferle”…


    Who Hatched Rubio? by Greg Palast
    Dissident Voice | 04 February2016
    Ugly—but unbelievably sophisticated—vote…

    Why Is My Kindergartner Being Groomed for the Military at School?
    Truth Out | 04 February 2016
    Children to decide which branch…

    Putin to Meet With Former US State Secretary Kissinger Wednesday – Kremlin
    Sputnik News | 03 February 2016

    U.S Control Over Crimea – the Aim of the Coup in Kiev*
    Fort-Russ | 02 February 2016
    *Note: the original article was originally published (in Russian) in 2014*
    Neutralize the…

    Solari Report Mention
    Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, Taped at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
    Charlie Rose | 18 June 2015
    It is the Ukranian people that…

    ‘You Created ISIS!’ Press Conference Scandal Mars Kerry’s Visit to Italy
    RT | 04 February 2016
    Woman was dragged away…


    Edgar Mitchell, Sixth Astronaut to Walk on the Moon, Dies at 85
    MSN | 05 February 2016
    We had something like 30 seconds to…

    Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, 85, Dies in West Palm Beach
    Palm Beach Post | 05 February 2016
    Roswell. Mitchell was open…

    UN Rules Assange Should Go Free and Be Awarded Compensation
    NSNBC | 05 February 2016
    U.S. Grand Jury investigation…

    Germany’s Wendelstein 7-X Fusion Reactor Produces its First flash of Hydrogen Plasma
    Giz Mag | 03 February 2016
    Generated more than 300…

    Galileo Signals Covering More of the Sky
    GPS Daily | 03 February 2016
    Launched on…

    Let the Moon Be Your Guide in Finding Five Planets
    NY Times | 02 February 2016
    Feb. 6 it will line up with…


    Zika: Update from Brazil: Towering Non-evidence
    Jon Rappoport’s Blog | 04 February 2016
    Principal facts…

    Zika: The CDC is the medical CIA
    Jon Rappoport’s Blog | 02 February 2016
    Epidemic Intelligence Service…front for…

    Syngenta Finally Says Yes to $43 Billion ChemChina Deal (VIDEO)
    Ag Web | 03 February 2016
    For genetically…

    Cancer Not Just Bad Luck
    I-SIS Org | 03 February2016
    Most important contributors…

    Britain Gives Scientist Go-ahead to Genetically Modify Human Embryos
    Yahoo | 01 February 2016
    ‘Gene editing’ techniques on human…

    Statins Doubles Risk of Diabetes, Concludes 10-year Study into Controversial Drug
    Express | 01 February 2016
    Eye, nerve and…


    Television, Football and Politics: Gaming Spectacles Designed to Keep the Police State in Power
    Rutherford Institute| 01 February 2016
    Big Brother does not watch us, by his…We watch him, by…

    Many NYC Students so Tech-oriented They Can’t Even Sign Their Own Names
    NY Post | 27 January 2016
    Vulnerable to identity theft because…

    Saving Valentina

    YouTube | 13 June 2011
    Founded Great Whale Conservancy…


    List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents
    Who What Why | 04 February 2016
    Map to what we…

    Dr. Edgar Mitchell ? UFO Interview 2013 Aliens Are Real And Watching Us – The Day Before

    YouTube | 29 June 2014
    Earths emergence into a new…

    DSI: We are: Prospectors, Seeking, Scouting, Evaluating the Resources of Space-Video
    Deep Space Industries | 2016
    Changing the economics of…

    Luxembourg’s Ultimate Offshore Investment: Space Mining
    Space Daily | 03 February 2016
    First country in Europe to


    Why Every Aspect of Your Business is About to Change
    Fortune | 22 October2015
    In a friction-free economy, a company doesn’t…

    Dollar Rises on In-line U.S. GDP Data, BoJ Move
    Reuters | 29 January 2016
    More than 1.3 percent…

    Wage Growth in 2015 was Just So-so
    Business Insider | 29 January 2016
    Labor market puzzle…

    The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast
    Bloomberg | 28 January 2016
    Contractionary pattern in…

    IMF, World Bank Move to Forestall Oil-led Defaults
    Seeking Alpha | 28 January 2016
    First of a series of…

    Traders Haven’t Bet Against Stocks this Aggressively Since 2010
    Business Insider | 28 January 2016
    Nimble investors…


    PBOC May Buy 215 Tons of Gold This Year, Barclays Forecasts
    Bloomberg | 28 January 2016
    Spread risk and…


    2016: Year of the Monkey

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    Making Waves

    “Your complaint is your call to action.”
    ~ Jason Bawden-Smith

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Creative destruction is upon us – the shift between Global 2.0 (an industrial economy) and Global 3.0 (a networked economy) is accelerating.

    So what happens when productivity rises dramatically? If the application of online technologies creates $1 of income by destroying $20 of existing GDP and income, how is that supposed to work?

    Here are several examples in the recent article Why Every Aspect of Your Business is About to Change:

    • Skype brought in approximately $2 billion in 2013. Yet McKinsey calculated that in that year Skype transferred $37 billion away from old-guard telecom firms.
    • San Francisco’s taxi regulator reported that the number of fares per licensed cab fell 65% from March 2012 to July 2014 as Uber, Lyft, and others entered the market.
    • When Airbnb entered Austin, Texas, hotel revenue fell by 8% to 10% according to Boston University researchers.

    What is the process by which we invent new enterprises? While we are at it, how do we reinvent a more peaceful economy, operating in a positive relationship with each other and our environment?

    It’s called entrepreneurship – and it’s time for a lot more of it. This is despite the fact that the US and most of the G-7 political and economic leadership are doing a great deal to centralize control…which handicaps entrepreneurs and potential investors.

    This week, Jason Bawden-Smith publishes his business biography, Making Waves. It describes how he founded four companies focused on solving environmental problems. Jason’s achievements include introducing technology into Australia which reduced lead poisoning in children and lessened the impact of excessive exploration and mining activities.

    To celebrate the launch of Making Waves, Jason will join me on the Solari Report this week to discuss entrepreneurship in changing times.

    For Let’s Go to the Movies, we’ll take a look at Nick Hanauer’s TED Speech:

    The wealth potential — if we reinvigorate trust and markets, including the free flow of local and entrepreneurial capital — is significant. We don’t have to let a deflationary spiral take hold.

    Please join Jason Bawden-Smith and me on the Solari Report this week to discuss how we can do it.

    If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.


    St Basil's Cathedral

    “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”
    ~ Winston Churchill

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    A “saker” is a large migratory falcon that breeds from Eastern Europe across Asia. It is a more than appropriate handle for the Saker, the military analyst who “flies” from Vineyard of the Saker — my preferred website covering the geopolitical dance between Russia and the US and the emergence of a multipolar world.

    Saker has just published a marvelous collection of his posts entitled The Essential Saker: From the Trenches of the Emerging Multipolar World.

    For anyone who wants to understand the flow of events in Russia and Eastern Europe, you will find this week’s interview and the Saker’s writings a rich, fascinating contribution:

    “I think it’s a war — personally, I think Russia and the US are at war. And it’s a war for the future of civilization quite literally because the two models are incompatible. And one of them will have to collapse and be replaced by the other one. It’s unclear to me which one it will be, but that’s how deep it is now.”

    “And there is another phenomena: these people [the Western leadership] project their own mindset onto others. For instance, you probably remember that statement that Hilary Clinton made (I think it was in Scotland or in Ireland) that Putin is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union. And that’s laughable. It’s pathetic. You wonder who her advisers are. Russia has no need or use for a Soviet Union. As a matter of fact, everyone in Russia knows that. There is ridiculous talk today about Russia either planning to invade the Ukraine or now they say Poland and the Baltics — it’s laughable. But the thing is, this is what they would probably do if they changed places. Not only are they dead set on never negotiating but only submitting people, but they assume that everybody functions like they do.”

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the documentary Sacred Stage which tells the story of the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia, a symbol of culture that’s managed to outlast war, revolution and the fall of Communism.

    Mariinsky Theatre

    Please make sure to post or e-mail your questions, comments and concerns. If you’re not a Solari Report subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.

    Talk to you Thursday!

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    [Reposting as  Blowout Sale is On.]

    “If my cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil.” ~ Alain Ducasse

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    I am one of those people who are perpetually in search of the finest olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make – among other things – the perfect salad. I have never found an olive oil to top my favorite – Barbàra Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily. There is something about olives that come from trees that are hundreds of years old – some said to be even a thousand years old.

    Their US importer just launched their website so the oil is now readily accessible to retail.



    Money & Markets

    “If you’re a goalkeeper, it doesn’t matter what you save the ball with – if you keep it out, it’s not a goal.”
    ~Mark Lawrenson

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    A remarkable 2% + bounce across global markets on Friday softened the awfulness of January on the last trading day. It looked like a “save” to me. If you read our Solari Report by Rambus published last Thursday, Are We in a Deflationary Spiral?, the charts were clearly indicating a sell signal on US and global equities. Now that signal is not confirmed. So let’s see what February brings.  This week is bound to be a “nail biter.”

    Here are the charts as of last Friday close:

    Chart Set 1
    Chart Set 2
    Chart Set 3
    Chart Set 4


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