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    “Tell me a story.
    In this century, and moment, of madness, tell me a story.
    Make it a story of great distances, and starlight.
    The name of the story will be time – but you must not speak its name.
    Tell me a story of deep delight”
    ~ Robert Penn Warren

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship of Jason Bawden-Smith, Enlightened Events has organized a second 5-Day Solari event in the Australian Outback in May 2018. Richard Dolan is confirmed to join us. Participation is limited to 20 subscribers. This will be an opportunity for an small group of subscribers to explore together the nature of our creation – past, present and future.

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    Trade Agreements


    Sesame Credit
    Wiki| 18 September 2017

    Coming to a Town Near You!!!

    Pennsylvania could halt spending on Friday without budget
    Reuters | 14 September 2017
    The Consequences of Missing Money…


    How to Protect a Drug Patent? Give it to a Native American Tribe
    NYT | 08 September 2017
    New Tactics on an Old Game..


    Chinese investments to revive UK property markets
    Asian Times | 15 September 2017
    Chinese Investments Revive UK Real Estate..

    ‘Silver-spoon’ Chinese have no desire to run the family firm
    Asian Times| 15 September 2017
    Generational Disconnect..

    Bitcoin Crashes After Chinese Exchange Says It Will Halt Trading
    Bloomberg | 14 September 2017
    Cryptos Vulnerable to Legislation…

    Former JPMorgan Quant On Evading Chinese Capital Controls Via Bitcoin
    Zero Hedge | 14 September 2017
    More Crypto Drama..

    China Prepares Sale of $2 Billion in U.S.-Dollar Bonds
    Morningstar | 13 September 2017
    USD is not About to Collapse…

    Is Amazon To Blame The Fed Can’t Hit Its Inflation Target
    Zero Hedge | 13 September 2017
    Amazon Deflation…


    Trump Tower Meeting & Half Truths – Another Untold Story
    Martin Armstrong | 15 September 2017

    The Untold Story…

    North Korea Is Dodging Sanctions With a Secret Bitcoin Stash
    Bloomberg | 15 September 2017
    State Sponsored Hackers Gone Wild…

    The Space Race Is Now “Privatized” — But You’re Still Paying for It
    Market Conservative | 15 September 2017
    More Corporate Welfare…

    High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government
    Activist Post | 15 September 2017
    Whistle Blowers, a Continuing Growing Trend…

    Geopolitics drives Turkey’s acquisition of Russian missile defense
    Asian Times | 15 September 2017
    Turkish Arms Purchases from Russia??

    How China’s economy could turn radioactive
    Asian Times | 15 September 2017
    Who’s Side is NK on???


    Former Facebook executive says Google, Facebook are ‘surveillance states’ and risk more regulation
    CNBC | 14 September 2017
    Privatized Big Brother…

    Amazon Web Service can now Host the Defense Department’s Most Sensitive Data

    NetGov | 13 September 2017
    Amazon IS the Government…

    Deloitte: Majority Of Grocery Sales Now Influenced By Digital
    The Shelby Report | 13 September 2017

    Smart Phone Impacts…

    Autonomous robots plant, tend, and harvest entire crop of barley
    Nexus News Feed | 06 September 2017
    Can Operate 24 x 7…

    Hurricane Irma: Battered Florida Tries to Assess Scope of Hurricane Irma’s Destruction
    ABC 7 NY | 12 September 2017
    Influx of returnees could overwhelm…

    InPower: A Mass Action of Liability
    Mercola | 09 September 2017


    Whole Foods adding plant-based tuna sub to sushi bar
    Super Market News | 14 September 2017

    Cost Cutting or Fukushima Contamination???

    Tools and Resources for Small Farms…Featuring Paper Pot Transplanting Systems
    Small Farm Works | 14 September 2017
    Small Farm Hacks…

    The Hacking of the American Mind with Dr. Robert Lustig

    YouTube | September 2017
    (skip his Hilary email mention) Food…

    Study Finds Those Getting Flu Shots have Higher Chance of Alzheimer’s
    Free Servers | September 1997
    Not effective most…

    HPV Vaccine: Joan Shenton—“Sacrificial Virgins”


    Getting Past A Wall of Mirrors” To Stop A Coup Already Underway
    Exopolitics | 12 November 2016
    More Executive Power…

    Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them
    MEMI | 18 May 2016
    Last year…

    New Glacier Forming in California?
    Ice Age Now | 12 September 2017
    West Coast was above…

    Three Years Later and the Mysterious Diappearance of MH 3701 Just Took
    Giza Death Star | 11 September 2017
    Quick out of the gate with generals…

    Retired US Air Force Lieut Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on Alleged US Rescue of ISIS Field Commanders: ‘We Are Rescuing Our Allies’
    Sott | 09 September 2017
    Seems like they’re not following his orders…


    BIS Working Papers: No 656 Demographics Will Reverse Three Multi-decade Global Trends
    BIS | August 2017
    Measures to switch from debt to…

    Russia to Issue 10mn National Payment Cards
    RT | 08 September 2017
    Clients were unable to…

    Maduro Follows Russian/Chinese Lead – and Leaves the US Petro Dollar System – Venezuela has Huge Oil Deposits
    The Duran | 08 September 2017
    Plans to introduce…

    Venezuela Is About To Ditch The Dollar In Major Blow To US: Here’s Why It Matters
    Zero Hedge | 08 September 2017
    Wants to opt for some of the weaker…

    Princeton Economist: Nearly Half Of Working Age Men Not In The Labor Force Take Opioids Daily
    Zero Hedge | 08 September 2017
    Never presume to be smart enough to question…

    Bitcoin Price Drops Following Report that China is Going to Shut Down Local Exchanges
    Tech Crunch | 08 September 2017
    Reason why…


    Angela Merkel Pelted with Tomatoes by Voters During Campaign Rally (Video)
    The Duran | 09 September 2017

    Nikki Haley was offered Secretary of States job and Turned it Down
    The Duran | 08 September 2017

    Russian Foreign Ministry Office Makes a Statement about the Ransacking of Russian Diplomatic Property by US
    The Saker | 08 September 2017
    Everything started as confirmation by the Obama…

    Russian Foreign Ministry Wonders if the Americans will Plant ‘Compromising Material’ in the Diplomatic Buildings
    RT | 08 September 2017
    No way…

    Russia to Move Away from Buying Foreign Software
    RT | 08 September 2017
    Might be told…

    Local: How Long Will You Live? It Might Depend on Your King County Neighborhood
    Seattle Times | 05 September 2017
    (See article below) Reveals disparities…closely linked to…


    Hurricane Jose: Storm Nearly ‘Category Five’ as it Follows Irma’s Destructive Path
    Guardian | 09 September 2017
    Many of Irma’s victims…

    Huge Earthquake in Mexico and Strange Lights in the Sky During It
    RT | 09 September 2017
    Video uploaded from the scene shows…

    All Episodes End Sunday Midnight 9/10/17 – Solari Recommended
    “Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie A Monstrous Hoax Series
    Reality Zone | 04 September 2017
    Series playing …

    WhopperCoin, Biometric Chicken, 9/11/17 – New World Next Week
    Corbett Report | 08 September 2017
    Initial offer craze…

    The Bizarre $9,000 Japanese Robot Dog that Sniffs Out Smelly Feet
    Daily Mail | 08 September 2017
    If they’re particularly…

    The Arid West


    Who Will Buy Farmland as Aging Farmers Retire?
    Cornucopia | 06 September 2017
    Farm LASTS Project, which studies…

    Global Banks Sabotage Uruguay’s Efforts to Legalize Marijuana
    Wolfstreet | 03 September 2017
    Under the US Patriot Act, handling money from…

    Millions of People Take to the Streets in Italy and France to Protest Mandatory Vaccines
    Health Impact News | 03 September 2017
    Mainstream media outlets in both…

    Class and Race Profiling in the Vaccine Culture War

    YouTube | 20 July 2017
    Health a different…

    Bill Gates Invests in ‘Clean Meat’ Startup that Rids the Need for Animal Slaughter
    Educate Inspire Change | August 2017
    Memphis Meats method employs animal cells…


    Wall Street Recruiter Jumps to Her Death from Luxury NYC Home
    NY Post | 28 August 2017
    Another suicide across…

    International Magazine for the Advancement of Spiritual Science
    Perseus | September 2017
    Symptomatic Essentials in politics, culture and economy
    (Mentioned in Solari Report: Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with T. H. Meyer)

    Head of Top West German Bank Is Killed in Bombing by Terrorists
    NY Times | 01 December 1989
    (Mentioned in Solari Report: Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with T. H. Meyer)

    Spies Like Us: A Conversation with John le Carre’and Ben Macintyre
    NY Times | 25 August 2017
    Discuss Trump/Russia in the interview discussion of Masquerade…


    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” ~ David Rockefeller

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    David Ray Griffin is an American scholar and theologian who is one of the most eloquent authors and speakers successfully challenging the 9/11 commission report and the various official explanations and lies of 9/11. His work describes the erosion of America’s culture, legal structures, finances and role in the world as being “justified” by the fabricated versions of the events of 9/11.

    This week on the Solari Report, I will speak with Dr. Griffin about his new book Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World. We will discuss his powerful chapter “Shredding the Constitution” and why we must hold President Bush and Vice-President Cheney responsible for the events and the lies of 9/11 and why we must reverse the Neocon policies destroying America.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a leading contender for Solari documentary of the year in the 2017 Annual Wrap Up –  False Flags with Richard Dolan.

    For an excellent video focused entirely on 9/11, try the recent 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out and the other excellent videos from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news. Please make sure to post your questions for Ask Catherine.

    Talk to you Thursday!


    “The danger is not that we shall aim too high and miss; the real danger is that we train our eyes on the floor and end up there.” ~Yanis Varoufakis

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    I often say, “he who archives, writes history.”

    Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis kept impeccable records of Greek efforts to negotiate with European bank creditors, the IMF and ECB in 2015. (Proof that freedom fighters can use smart phones to record, not just the NSA) His good faith and technical competency in seeking a win-win negotiation creates a powerful baseline that proves the European Union’s austerity policy is war by financial means.

    Varoufakis assumed that the EU would seek a solution that made it possible for the creditors to be paid from a healthy Greek economy. He learned instead what it is like to face a financial coup d’etat.

    Debt is a weapon. Once debt is fraudulently induced in large amounts, engineered with the help of a compliant elite earning “fees for our friends,” it transfers control to a handful of large banks. Then multinational corporations and private investors can strip the country and pick up assets and acquire market share at prices significantly below market. Policies can be implemented that lower life expectancy and weaken the health and intellectual capacity of a population. In a weakened state, they will submit to the loss of national and individual sovereignty and accept high-tech feudalism.

    This is a vulture dance hidden behind banks and bureaucracies that lie, obfuscate with complex process and give long speeches. Taxpayer money is merely free capital used to strip a country as economic control is transferred to private and corporate investors at windfall prices.

    From 1955 to 1995, Fortune 500 revenues grew at approximately the same rate as the GNP. Subsequent to 1995, after the inclusion of the technology companies in the index and the creation of the World Trade Organization, Fortune 500 revenues grew at more than double the rate of the underlying economy.

    Varoufakis documents what that centralizing corporate tornado looks like when it hits on the ground.  It looks like statecraft fronting for criminal enterprise – because that’s what it is. It is a planetary coup d’etat by financial means.  It is the privatization of government by the “just do it method.” The price of centralizing the economy is destroying economies until and unless the revenue and income flow through the invaders financial statements.

    The Guardian called Adults in the Room “One of the greatest political memoirs of all time.”  Varoufakis makes a compelling case that people who are committed to a human culture and democracy must unite throughout Europe to stop this economic lawlessness. If he succeeds in doing so, the Guardian will be proved right.

    If you read one book on current events this year, it should be Adults in the Room.


    Catherine will be in Aspen next week to speak at the Nexus Conference.

    The conference is being hosted by The Nexus Institute –  a non-profit entity created by the Nexus Team, the developers behind Nexus cryptocurrency. The primary Nexus creator is Colin Cantrell. Colin will introduce the conference and be joined by his father, Jim Cantrell, who is CEO of Vector Space Systems.

    The Nexus objective is to host an annual cryptocurrency/blockchain industry event that fits in the intellectual tradition of the Aspen Institute.

    In addition to an all star cast of speakers, participants will also have the opportunity to have an Aspen experience. Music events are planned with top musicians at the two hottest clubs in Aspen, Belly Up on Thursday night and Bootsy Bellows on Friday & Saturday. In addition, the Nexus Conference will be hosting a special screening of “Mully”, a heroic documentary of a man who has saved thousands of orphans’ lives in Kenya. The Director, Scott Haze, will introduce the film and take questions afterwards.

    Speaker List

    The Nexus Conference Aspen 2017 Information


    “You can get an idea of human nature only when you can see the relationship of the individual human being to the whole cosmos.” ~  Rudolf Steiner

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Christopher Mann is a man for all seasons.

    Born in London to parents who were anthroposophists – followers of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy –  Chris studied and worked in England and Switzerland. In 1980, he and his Swiss wife Martina moved to the United States. They bought farmland in East Troy, Wisconsin and created the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute to promote research and education to support biodynamic farming in the United States.

    Chris and Martina dedicated their life and personal resources to make sure that biodynamic farming would not be buried by the corruption of our soil, seed and food supply and consolidation of ownership and control of farmland.  Their efforts represent a quiet, extraordinary contribution during a period in which private investors and corporate agriculture continued to centralize control of our food supply.

    Harry Blazer visited Michael Fields last year to conduct interviews with two people that we published in 2016 – former executive director Dave Andrews about the future of biodynamic and organic farming and Angela L. Curtes, the head of Grounded LLC and former farm staff, about healthy soil. Harry also took time to do an extensive series of interviews with Chris about his life and work.

    These rich discussions capture the powerful wisdom and insight that Chris has gained from his extraordinary contribution to our food systems and society. It captures the legacy of a legend among us.

    In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster film about the British people sailing across the English Channel to save the British army from annihilation when the British command alone could not get the job done in time.

    Talk to you Thursday!

    Related Reading & Listening

    Wikipedia – Anthroposophy

    The Agriculture Course by Rudolf Steiner

    The Food Series – Francois Vecchio – Charcutier Salumiere, Wurstmeister


    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    I received the following question from a reader:

    QUESTION: Thank you for addressing so many truly important issues. As to the issue of Confederate monuments, since neither you nor I live in African-American skin with all the pain and prejudice to which people of color are subjected, it seems to me we ought to try and see the Confederate monuments as the intimidating symbols established by white supremacists in the early 1900s as people of color see them. Unless we do, we fail to see these monuments clearly. I hope you will consider that.

    Here’s my answer:

    ANSWER: I grew up in an mixed neighborhood in Philadelphia. I was raised, in part, by an African American woman and have lived off and on in African American neighborhoods. I have both belonged to and attended African American churches. I partnered with a team of African-American entrepreneurs in the 1990’s to prototype venture equity funds for small business and communities. As Federal Housing Commissioner I ran an operation that was a primary source of mortgage credit to African American communities. Later, my company served as financial advisor to the same institution. In litigation with the federal government I experienced many of the tactics used to target African Americans and their communities.

    I do not pretend to understand what it is like to walk around in African American skin. However, I have spent a great deal of my life in the company of a wide variety of accomplished and intelligent people who do.



    Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists.
    ~ A Course in Miracles

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Franklin Sanders has written an article “What is a Numismatic Coin, What the Law Really Says… and Why You Should Not Buy Them!.” He defines the numismatic coin:

    “The loosely used, popular definition of a “numismatic” coin is one that collectors will pay a premium for. When used as “numismatic” versus “bullion” coin, people usually mean a collector’s coin versus a coin sold for a small premium over its metal value. The first is an investment in a coin, never mind its precious metal content; the second is an investment in silver or gold, never mind that it’s a coin.”

    If someone is aggressively marketing numismatic coins, at Solari we do not post any of such marketer articles and interviews on the Solari Report.

    This Solari choice has a history.

    When I first started learning about precious metals, the best dealers I found were adamant that numismatics are inferior investments. Two reasons are primary–

    • Their commissions are outrageously high.
    • The premise behind numismatics is unsound – that they are safe in the event of confiscation, justifying the commissions that the dealers earn, and that confiscation of private precious metals holdings is likely.



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