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    The online book version of the 2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Infrastructure: Conquest or Creation? is now available for subscribers!

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    From the Book:

    The architects who constructed the great buildings of Europe understood that if you built a great cathedral, it would inspire. These architectural feats lifted the minds of men out of the mud. Over the centuries, this inspiration would also lift real estate values and tax yields as it attracted talent, tradesmen, new construction and open markets.

    A society’s physical infrastructure is of utmost importance. Through the ages, it has been one of the critical determinants of who lived or died, of which nations flourished or failed. While a nation’s geography is very important, leveraging geography and natural resources with infrastructure makes an enormous difference.


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    Secret Space Program link

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    The Alex Jones Show: with Jon Rappoport (Start at 1 Hour:32 Minutes)


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    “Rush hour cometh.”
    ~ Pastor Melvin Bufford, September 16, 2001

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The fall is always an intense period in the financial markets.

    The agricultural harvest is still coming in – one of the great contributors to economic wealth. A good harvest multiplies throughout the economy – a poor harvest generates concerns.  The U.S. federal budget is in negotiation as are many other government budgets. Companies and organizations that are on a calendar year are focused on accomplishing results before year end. This is a time when a lot of decisions have to be made.

    In one sense Fall 2015 is no different. On the other hand, change is accelerating and too many decisions have been delayed. Those decisions are made more difficult as plunging commodities prices and unprecedented debt levels contribute to deflation concerns.

    All eyes are on the Federal Reserve in September as they consider an increase in interest rates as well as Congress as they consider the Iran deal, the new federal budget and raising the debt limit.  The Pope will address a joint session of Congress and the UN followed on by a gathering of world leaders scheduled to address the United Nation’s General Debate of the 70th Session in New York City, including Obama, Xi Jinping, Putin, Hollande and Rouhani.

    Ever since I published What’s Up This Fall 2015? I have been reviewing the schedule of events with colleagues and subscribers. It’s time to organize this discussion into a Solari Report.

    We are heading into a gauntlet full of opportunities and risks. Let’s look ahead and prepare over the Labor Day weekend.

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    In our Let’s Go to the Movies segment this week, I recommend the documentary, Deli Man. I grew up in Philadelphia and lived in New York for eleven years. Five star restaurants are wonderful. However, for me there is no finer place to dine than a Jewish deli. This documentary explains the history and takes you into the world of some of the greatest family restaurants of all time. You will find food and culture designed to nourish you in times of great stress. Matzah ball soup anyone?

    I’ll talk to you this Thursday! If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can become one here.


    Business Leader

    “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
    ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    When I suggested the placed-based data opportunity to Michael Bloomberg before a large audience in 1997 he just looked scared.

    I guess with 1) cell-tower surveillance systems in place, 2) millions moved into prisons and depopulated and 3) the financial coup d’etat finally complete, my idea suddenly looks more appealing. Now there are sufficiently centralized legal, financial, surveillance, enforcement and information systems in place to skim all the equity upwards.

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    Hurricane Katrina

    “I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long years to come, I see the evil of this time…gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.”
    ~ Charles Dickens

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The media is filled with remembrances of Katrina on this August anniversary and with testimonies to the courage of the people of New Orleans. Certainly, the people of New Orleans are a remarkable group. However, lavishing praise and generating profit for the people who engineered the disaster capitalism on that fine city, using Katrina as air cover, is very hard to stomach.

    Food and agriculture grow ever more important in the global economy – both as an industry and also as a control mechanism. Control of the food supply will be required to replace oil as the critical ingredient of a global digital currency.

    North America is one of the most important bread baskets of the world. Never forget this most important geographical fact. New Orleans is the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Delta is where the entire heartland sends a great deal of its harvest for shipment through the Gulf of Mexico. You cannot control the global food supply without controlling New Orleans.  The New Orleans Ports strategic importance cannot be overestimated.

    As I watch some of the dignitaries at the ceremony in New Orleans, I would love to have the time and resources to dig into the land and corporate records of Southern Louisiana and Mississippi to estimate just how much the Katrina “hit” delivered to them and to the investment syndicates with which they prey upon the planet.

    Yes, the people of New Orleans are remarkable. The city can indeed come back from almost anything.

    However, this time the city must rise and lift with it a deeply evil gentrification – a presence filled with lackeys who serve up rich returns to investment syndicates and sing songs of  “progress.” The taxation of disaster capitalism makes for a heavy load.

    Those responsible would be wise to beware the voodoo of New Orleans. As Chief Seattle reminded us: “the dead are not powerless.”

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    “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”
    ~Yogi Berra

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    It is remarkable what a talented entrepreneur can do when they decide to make a difference.

    Dr. Michael Perry has a highly successful practice as a periodontist and is an active father in Oxford Mississippi. Busy as he is, he understands the importance of  kids in northern Mississippi having facilities to excel at sports. Oxford, home of University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), is a pretty sophisticated place. However, in the rural areas surrounding Oxford, the quality of facilities and opportunities can fall off pretty quickly.

    So Perry built the Oxford-Lafayette Sportsplex. Giving kids access to play baseball and soccer meant finding ways of making the Sportsplex economic to use and maintain. Coaches and parents volunteer and LED lighting cuts costs to the bone.

    I was in his office the other day angling for a personal tour of the Sportsplex, and discovered one of the 13 year old teams that use their fields, the Yalobusha Giants, had just won a national invitational tournament.

    Never underestimate the power of what can happen when children have the opportunity to be part of something excellent.

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    A Town in Michigan pooled their money to send every high school graduate to college


    “Whatever commodity you want, other than truth, is available in great supply, at a good price.” ~ Don Coxe

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    I keep talking about the continued plunge in commodities prices. I thought a performance chart for commodity futures year to date from Finviz.com might give you clear picture. Commodity producers are not having a good year – particularly if they have a lot of debt to service.

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    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Congratulations to Diane and John Shear, two of our amazing subscribers on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Here is a picture of them from our lunch earlier this month when I came through Southern California.

    John is a Solari Report hero. If you don’t know his story, you will be inspired. Here is the ESPN Video.


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