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    “Tell me a story.
    In this century, and moment, of madness, tell me a story.
    Make it a story of great distances, and starlight.
    The name of the story will be time – but you must not speak its name.
    Tell me a story of deep delight”
    ~ Robert Penn Warren

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Richard Dolan just joined me on the Solari Report and we had a chance to discuss our trip to the Australian Outback with Solari Report subscribers in May 2018.

    Our first week is sold out. Thanks to the wonderful sponsorship of Jason Bawden-Smith, Enlightened Events has organized a second 5-Day Solari event for May 13-17, 2018. Participation is limited to 20 subscribers – we still have 8 spaces available.


    If you are interested in learning more about the Solari Report or sharing a taste with friends, here is a selection of excellent interviews we have made public.

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    “While budgets can be complex, in principle accounting relies primarily on basic math. It should be feasible to track revenues flowing in and expenditures flowing out, and share this information in a format that can be understood by literate people. The federal government is once again facing a potential budget crisis. Without formally expanding the debt limit beyond the existing $20 trillion ceiling, the federal budget and the economy will experience a significant shock. These issues will come to a head in December 2017. It seems now, more than ever, a transparent and publically available accounting of the $21 trillion in unsupported adjustments would be especially timely and valuable.  ~ Dr. Mark Skidmore, from “Summary Report on “Unsupported Journal Voucher Adjustments” in the Financial Statements of the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development*

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The deep state is expensive: secret space programs, underground bases, and invisible weaponry require both an enormous investment and ongoing overhead and maintenance.

    How do you finance two civilizations using the budget of just one?

    Since the passage of the National Security Act in 1947, the national security infrastructure has grown dramatically, funded by a two-tier tax system.One tax is sent to the IRS every April by millions of citizens and companies.  The money is then spent without accountability – Since 1998, $21 trillion has disappeared from federal accounts. 

    The other tax is extracted daily by financial fraud, narcotics trafficking and other criminal activities. These covert cash flows are combined with the profits of currency debasement, bailouts and invisible skimming by the central bank, their leading bank members and owners and other financial transaction and market-making systems. The combined resources are spent and reinvested in powerful technology, weaponry and private investment pools without accountability.

    Lawlessness and the related corruption of our legal and judicial systems represent staggering costs to the overall economy – and increasingly make it difficult, if not impossible, for lawful people to compete.  This is the primary reason for growing income inequality and falling productivity.

    After 9-11,  a dramatic conversion of our republic into a national security state exacerbated budgetary tensions. Exploding budgets funded electronic surveillance, manipulation and mind control of citizens both American and foreign.

    Inevitably conflict arises when citizens elect new politicians to repair a legal system and economy devastated and drained by this financial harvesting, How can the deep state fund its secret cash flows if we citizens stop crime, level the playing field for small businesses and rebuild our communities and infrastructure?

    This conflict is not just a confrontation in Washington. This conflict relates to “full vertical power” because the swamp extends throughout America, foreign governments and global investor and corporate networks.

    Companies and employees are dependent on the purchases and contracts that flow from this financial machinery and from US military and intelligence dominance throughout the world. This dominance permits corporations to extract cheap natural resources and labor globally and enjoy the dollar status as global reserve currency. In turn, stock market investors depend on dividends and growth that flow from these companies. These dividends and capital gains fund the political and philanthropic contributions that keep the cycle going.

    The underfunded status of pension and retirements systems and related healthcare is raising the tensions between financial security of the national security state and financial insecurity of the citizens. One of the goals of the financial coup d’etat was to shift capital and assets out of retirement systems to protect the sustainability and wealth of the national security state. However, many of those shifts were not legal. As pension benefits are cut, retirements delayed and life expectancy drops, more people are asking questions about where the money went.

    The new federal budgets and tax reforms debated this week will also raise these same issues. Corporate revenues have exploded as a percentage of US GNP during the last two decades. However, corporate taxes have fallen as a percentage of both GNP and total IRS tax revenues. New budgets support growing national security spending with private corporations and exploitation of secret technologies. At the same time global arms sales fill corporate coffers and lower corporate taxes proposed by tax reform will support higher corporate earnings and stock repurchase programs.

    Leading author, publisher and scholar Richard Dolan joins me this week to continue our discussion of the deep state and the US budget that we began this past March. (Link to Part I here)  We discuss Richard’s new TV series False Flags. How are false flags used to craft official narratives that engineer increased legal and financial power for the national security state? How are false flags being used to engineer a new shift of corporate and private capital into the United States?  Is the deep state racing to tear up the US Constitution before its hidden system of finance and its mysterious source of privilege are compromised or citizens demand accountability for $21 trillion missing from federal accounts?

    For Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend an excellent interview with Bill Binney, one of the most powerful patriots fighting for integrity for our digital infrastructure and for global human rights.

    This coming week, we will publish a new Special Solari Report on significant litigation efforts that Bill supports to hold the NSA accountable for violations of the US Constitution.  You can also learn more about Bill’s efforts by listening to our recent Solari Report interview with him.

    This week is also a good time to help Congressman Ron Paul tell your representatives to vote no for the reauthorization of Section 702 of the FISA Amendment Act which is used to collect massive amounts of private information on American citizens.

    This Thursday is Thanksgiving. There will be no Money & Markets. I will do a Money & Markets the following week instead.

    If you have a question that needs answers immediately, post to subscriber comments. Otherwise e-mail or post questions for Ask Catherine and I will address on November 30th.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    “Even the most art-averse cynic will recognize the blood, sweat and tears that went in to creating this strange and beautiful experience.” – Jordan Hoffman, reviewing Sky Ladder in The Guardian

    Check It Out!

    By Your Culture Scout

    In the 21st century, serious collectors have significantly turned away from old masters and impressionism towards modern art. One of the reasons is an obvious lack of supply- whenever a major old painting comes up at an auction, its price is sky high even if the quality is not so great. Moreover, there are many famous artists whose output is limited and most of it is already locked in museum vaults. It is impossible to collect Vermeer or even Caspar David Friedrich whose body of work would never sustain major collecting. Picasso, with his 50,000 pieces of art, would be much easier to collect if not for the price, but the general collecting trend has now moved even further to the late 20th century and contemporary art. Modern art is being sought and purchased at head-spinning prices, to great extent as an inflation hedge rather than a genuine love of art objects. For every unique and amazing Murakami, there are many weird and plain ugly art expressions that still fetch huge prices simply because they are available for purchase.



    [CAF Note: This is an excerpt from this week’s Solari Report with Richard Dolan which will publish on Thanksgiving – a time to give thanks for those who nourish the light!]

    The good news is that there is enough people who have the energy, who have the education and intelligence and the courage to fight this fight.

    I look back at the long history of our civilization and what I see is a long history of injustice and the long history of deception, a long history of darkness typically winning out over light. But the one good thing I can always see is that the light is never extinguished.

    The effort to shed light into the darkness and shed truth into the falsehoods has never gone away.

    For me it not about winning. It’s about one thing. I have this life. I have got this time to work with. Am I going to use it in a way that I can be proud of when it is time for me to check out – as it is for all of us?

    At some point we all have to say goodbye to this incarnation.

    When my time comes I simply want to be proud – as proud as I can be of what I’ve done. It is not about succeeding for all of humanity because I just don’t know if that is going to happen. It’s about comporting myself in the best way that I can and doing the very best that I can for the fight that is the good fight.

    ~ Richard Dolan



    [CAF Note: There is no more worthy cause for your holiday donations than the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. Dr Gonzalez was Solari Report Hero of the Year in 2015. Any more room in your budget for a gift? No amount is too small or too large. Each gift is a prayer towards good health and health freedom. You can learn more and donate at the foundation website If you are a health care practitioner or interested in preventing and curing cancer, please learn about the Gonzalez Protocol – avail yourself of the books and other resources that the Foundation makes available. Tell your colleagues. This is a legacy that will continue to blossom and grow thanks to the generous support of Dr. Nick’s wife Mary Beth Gonzalez and many grateful patients who are alive and well thanks to the Gonzalez Protocol.]

    By Mary Beth Gonzalez

    “Dr. Nick,” as his patients called him, had been wildly successful treating chronic illness and even late stage cancer with his revolutionary Gonzalez Protocol. He was about to burst forth on a much larger stage. Unfortunately he never got the chance.

    Prior to his unexpected death in 2015, Dr. Gonzalez had been recording in-depth patient case studies — the result of a lifetime of research and groundbreaking patient care — case studies that would publicly legitimize a whole new approach to nothing less than curing cancer.

    Dr. Gonzalez practiced a new paradigm of medicine based on nutrition, diet, psychology and spirituality, where prevention was as important as treatment. Our foundation’s mission is to bring Dr. Gonzalez’s work – built on the pioneering science of Dr. John Beard, Dr. Weston Price and Dr. William Donald Kelley – to help more patients around the world.

    In 2017, the foundation focused on erecting the pillars to support Dr. Gonzalez’s legacy and developing the curriculum and support tools for a training program in The Gonzalez Protocol™. These include creating a new website at www.thegonzalezprotocol.com to generate awareness of Dr. Gonzalez’s work. This website promoted three new books by Dr. Gonzalez: the Conquering Cancer case report book series (covering 112 patient cases and over 19 different types of cancer) and Nutrition and The Autonomic Nervous System which explains why different people need different diets. In December, this website will also include a free video/audio hub of “the Best of Dr. Gonzalez” content so that everyone will have easy access to his teachings.

    In the words of the late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, “There is no alternative medicine; there’s just medicine that hasn’t been accepted yet as mainstream.” Therefore, another pillar of our foundation is research that will document the scientific evidence of The Gonzalez Protocol ™.

    We are pleased to announce that on October 9, 2017, Dr. Colin Ross’ article entitled “10 Gonzalez Protocol Case Studies” was published in MedCrave. Below are some of the research projects that we are exploring for 2018:

    • Metabolic Typing Analysis: to determine new, scalable ways of establishing autonomic typing including Pupillometry and enhanced clinical assessment tools
    • Pancreatic Enzyme Dosing: to create standards for proper pancreatic enzyme dosages by cancer stage and disease type
    • Pancreatic Enzymes for Cancer Treatment: to study the ability of pancreatic enzymes to inhibit the cancer cell line and trophoblast cell growth in a test tube by analyzing the receptors and intracellular mechanism
    I invite you to join us by donating your time or your treasure to this new paradigm of medicine so Dr. Gonzalez’s work can continue to save lives. You can contact me directly at marybeth[at]nicholasgonzalezfoundation.com or send a check to: The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, P.O. Box 14, Sanibel, FL 33957 or click here to donate through PayPal.

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    Solari’s Latest Contribution: The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation

    Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on Electromagnetic Health in 2015


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    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    “In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated.” ~ Joe Wurzelbacher

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    This week on The Solari Report, Harry Blazer joins me to discuss gun ownership and efforts to enforce as well as compromise the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Increasingly, law-abiding citizens find themselves at a disadvantage in the balance of power relative to:

    • Scores of well-armed government agencies with surveillance, arrest and seizure powers and significant corporate and mercenary contracting capacity;
    • Criminal networks and their local gangs and snitches that enjoy the support of the politicians, black budget operatives, and banks they finance.

    Gun ownership offers some protections, providing citizens with a defense in a significant number of criminal and violent confrontations.

    Last week’s intervention by a former NRA gun instructor in a Texas church shooting is an important example of the role that gun owners play in protecting themselves and other people during the critical time period between the start of a crime and the arrival of law enforcement. These precious minutes often are the difference between life and death. This case also underscores why it is essential that law-abiding citizens own assault weapons.

    Unfortunately, the majority of gun control proposals would strip or restrict the power of law abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of both criminals and a political class looking to abrogate retirement obligations and steal more assets.

    As Harry Blazer says, “What is your plan?” Indeed, you need to have one. Assuming responsibility for your personal safety and the safety of family and neighbors has never been more important, particularly given the mind control technologies discussed in Control 101 and The War for Your Mind.

    Look for my analysis of financial and geopolitical news in Money & Markets. Disruption and change are accelerating – we have market shifts and events to cover and lots of questions for Ask Catherine. Please make sure to post or e-mail your question.

    In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review one of my favorite Westerns – The Outlaw Josey Wales –  which explores the issues of law and enforcement in a world torn apart by multiple cultures and economic interests competing for land, natural resources and power. Sound familiar?

    Talk to you Thursday!

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