“It [the Clinton Foundation] has the potential to be the Mother of all Clinton scandals.” ~Kerry Jackson, Investor’s Business Daily

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Corsi’s book, “Partners in Crime: the Clinton’s Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profits,” is a follow up to Peter Schweitzer’s book  “Clinton Cash,” now also published as a documentary. Corsi’s book adds additional information to what is arguably the most remarkable American organized crime spree since Al Capone built his Chicago machine.

If you want to know more about the Clintons and their long standing partners-in-crime, the Bushes, there are an unending series of books and documentaries, including those from Schweitzer and Corsi, as well as Dr. Dady Chery’s book on Haiti. (See our Solari Report interview with Dr. Chery here). The documentation on their profiteering on disaster capitalism and organized crime is quite extensive.

You can start with my online book Dillon, Read & Co Inc and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits, about the Clinton Administration rounding up young people, cutting off public defender funding and stuffing them into private prisons while the Department of Justice made a profit marketing their services to the military. When Hitler did that, we called it slave labor camps.

The part of Bush-Clinton criminality that is of most interest to me is the financial coup d’etat: $4 trillion missing from the US government between 1998-2002, more lost to pension fund and investors on the pump and dump of the US stock market and mortgage fraud, and then $27 trillion in bail-outs between 2009 and 2012. Much of this was financed with government debt, quantitative easing and suppressed interest rates that resulted in significant additional skimming of retirement system assets and personal savings.

Indeed, looking at a history of the Clinton Foundation, there are numerous questions about what the initial funding of the Foundation had to do with the monies disappearing from HUD and mortgage fraud involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, maestro with the Clintons and Bushes of the housing bubble and related mortgage fraud, has been running about declaring that we cannot meet our pension fund obligations because of lower productivity.  Apparently, Alan does not think the pension funds were impacted by the $40 trillion he engineered out of the US government and pension funds, nor is he interested in asking where the money went and how we get funds moved illegally back to fund retirement obligations.

If you want to know where lower productivity comes from, try connecting the dots between the destruction of the middle class and the draining of our retirement system with the growing personal wealth of the Clintons.

Some examples:

Time and time again, if you look through the fashionable hype, the flow of funding to the Clintons and their campaigns and organizations represent an extraordinary tax on the general population – one that lowers productivity all round. We end up with growing inequality and poverty while America’s aristocracy calcifies and grows ever more dependent on unproductive activities.

As former Secretary of State James Baker described to the Financial Times recently, “Hillary Clinton was never given anything to do. She was just there [at the state department] to run for president.”  This begs the question, why should the American people fund Hillary Clinton’s personal use of government offices for her personal political advancement. Why is this OK?

Corsi quotes Theodore Roosevelt Malloch describing his experience working at Davos. “Malloch learned that central to the Davos globalism is the presumption that big government was good and capitalism was bad. “Is Big Government good government? Do markets always fail when left to their own devices? These questions are verboten in Davos – for the hallmark of all believers here gathered is that government is the solution, perhaps assisted by some special council.”

Big government means rigged money,  rigged rules, rigged deals, rigged markets – all financed and enforced with other people’s money. How is that game going to last now that “Debt growth model is over?” We have an entire generation of politicians who do not know how markets work or how to thrive when they do.

Which brings me to the point of reviewing Corsi’s new book. If you look at the numerous interests and activities of the Clintons, they required the support of millions of people. It is hard to keep blaming two people when, in fact, all of these activities require the support of an endless series of staff, professionals, vendors, companies, media outlets, donors and voters. If billions have disappeared between pledges to the Clinton Foundation and the Foundations tax returns, it is highly unlikely that the Clintons were the only beneficiaries.

A good friend showed up at the polls at 7am in a wealthy suburb of San Francisco to vote in the California primary. There were twelve people in line ahead of them. Of that amount, 4 people were given provisional ballots. Their names were not on the rolls despite receiving mailings regarding where their polling place was. In the poor neighborhoods, mothers were scrambling for cash and food as EBT cards were not refreshed before the election. That leaves less time to go vote. Reports of computer fraud flourished. Added up, the institutional support to deliver a win to Clinton in the California primary reflects a deep support from the machinery that runs America.

Lots of people have been making money on the Clintons.

Last week I had dinner in Germany with some friends from New Zealand. I lost my temper in a way that I rarely do. They were adamant that Trump was terrifying and most be stopped at all cost. How many times have I heard this mantra? I can certainly understand why someone would fear a Trump presidency. As I have often said, quoting Don Coxe, the Presidency is not an entry-level position. What I cannot fathom is why America is not equally terrified of returning to the White House people who engineered the financial coup d’etat, deeply compromised the US government, and are now personally wealthy as a result? As Peggy Noonan said, we have a choice between a criminal and a crazy man.

If you do not appreciate what another four to eight years of Clinton criminality will do, you need to do so now.

I watched a British local official give an interview the other day. He said that elites were far less concerned about over population now that the mind control technology had proven so effective.

As I watched the large audience at the Democratic National Convention cheer for Hillary Clinton (apparently, there was more booing than the BBC showed), I realized Clinton is not the problem. Millions of people who are willing to tolerate and support criminality are the problem. The minute we stop doing so, the criminality can stop.

When you support someone who has killed and stolen from your fellow Americans, you are sending them and their families a message that they are expendable. What has happened to them is not important to you. You will vote for and support their killers. You will make killing fashionable. In their minds, they then decide that you are expendable – that they should not risk their lives and property to protect you from the corruption.

This is how the covenant that is America is torn apart – one betrayal at a time.

How much of what is happening is, in fact, a result of mind control? I do not know yet, but it is worth considering.  What is especially worth considering is how to get mind-controlled people out of your life. The more degrees of separation you put between you and people who believe in serving you up to the machine, the better chance you have of preserving your net worth rather than watching it liquidated through student loan debt, predatory lending and taxes to fund the speaking fees and government grants that flow into the bank accounts of the Clintons and the syndicates they serve.