Catherine Austin Fitts

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Survival Radio, a fascinating 2-part interview.

In this installment of our discussion, Catherine explores whether we are going through an economic collapse – or if, in fact, this economic “breakdown” we’re witnessing is actually a carefully planned re-engineering of the world’s economic system.  Catherine breaks down the meaning of what she calls “a politically-managed economy.”

We also talk about technologies and medical breakthroughs that are being supressed by the global elite.  Knowing what she knows, what would Catherine do to find a cure if she were to ever be diagnosed with cancer?

We also discuss why I am personally avoiding corporate health insurance, and some of the alternatives to it that Catherine is currently exploring.

Next week:  Hear Catherine’s advice about the current job market for both the young and young at heart.  Plus, find out how she personally reinvented herself during her own professional crisis years ago.  Also, what are the chances of seeing $500/oz. silver soon?

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