Constitutional Sheriff Tony DeMeo

MORPHcity | 30 July 2010
In this 3-part video interview with Tony DeMeo, Sheriff of Nye County, Nevada, he explains that he is a Constitutional Sheriff and that authority for public office holders is derived from the people.

Congress Panel Blames Corzine for MF Global Fall

Yahoo! Finance | 13 November 2012
Poor management decisions by MF Global’s former CEO Jon Corzine triggered the brokerage firm’s collapse, while lax protections for customer funds contributed to the loss of an estimated $1.6 billion of customer money, congressional investigators have determined.

Lawrence Wilkerson Interview Transcript– The “Israelization of the USA, CIA lies, and; “It’s not a Coup. It’s Worse!”

Op Ed News | 12 November 2012
My guest tonight is retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. He was the former Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

Obama to Open Talks With $1.6 Trillion Plan to Raise Taxes on Corporations, Wealthy

The Washington Post | 13 November 2012
President Obama is taking a hard line with congressional Republicans heading into negotiations over the year-end “fiscal cliff,” making no opening concessions and calling for far more in new taxes than Republicans have so far been willing to consider.

Stuxnet Goes Out of Control: Chevron Infected by Anti-Iranian Virus, Others Could be Next | 09 November 2012
America’s cyberwar is already seeing collateral damage, and it’s hitting the country’s own billion-dollar companies.

Texas NDAA Nullification Bill Includes Criminal Charges for Federal Agents

Tenth Amendment | 12 November 2012
At the close of 2011, Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for the year 2012. In it are what some constitutional experts consider to be some of the greatest constitutional violations in American history.

United Nations Wants Control of Web Kill Switch | 10 November 2012
Experts claim that Australians could see political and religious websites disappear if the Federal Government backs a plan to hand control over the internet to the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Ecuador Says Charges About CIA Interference are Credible

Op Ed News | 10 November 2012
Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said denunciations about US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) interference to destabilize his government and hinder his reelection are credible.