Amid Tweeted Frustration, Japan May Take Control of TEPCO
Time (1 April 11)

Ivory Coast Rebels Seize State TV, Control Gbagbo Palace
Bloomberg (1 April 11)

Anxiety Roils Libyan Capital Amid Top-Level Defections
The New York Times (1 April 11)

Microsoft Files Complaint Against Google
Politico (31 March 11)

RWE to Challenge German Nuclear Shutdown Order
Yahoo News (31 March 11)

Illinois’s Quinn Says Budget-Cutting Governors Have It Wrong
Bloomberg (30 March 11)

Japan’s Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant Must Be Scrapped, Says PM
Herald Sun (31 March 11)

Debt Ceiling: Time to Get Real
CNN Money (31 March 11)

Obama Calls For Deep Cuts in U.S. Oil Imports
Reuters (30 March 11)

Can We Do Without the Mideast?
The New York Times (30 March 11)

C.I.A. Agents in Libya Aid Airstrikes and Meet Rebels
The New York Times (31 March 11)

AQAP And The Vacuum of Authority in Yemen
Stratfor (31 March 11)

The Cornell Speech
RSN (29 March 11)

Two-thirds of Oil And Gas Leases in Gulf Inactive
Yahoo News (29 March 11)

Claims for Social Security Benefits on The Rise
The Washington Post (28 March 11)

U.S. Spy Agency Is Said to Probe Hacker Attack on Nasdaq
Bloomberg (30 March 11)

Japan PM, U.S.’s Obama Agree to Cooperate Over Nuclear Woes-Jiji
Reuters (30 March 11)

Top Diplomats Agree: Gadhafi Needs To Go
MSNBC (29 March 11)

Libyan Rebel Leader Spent Much of Past 20 Years in Suburban Virginia
McClatchy (26 March 11)

Japan May Have Lost Race to Save Nuclear Reactor (29 March 11)

BP Is Said to Face U.S. Review for Manslaughter Charges
Bloomberg (29 March 11)

US Indicts 14 in Tax-credit Cases (25 March 11)

Constitutional Amendment in North Dakota Would Abolish Property Taxes
MISH’S (26 March 11)

Reality Check For Locally Grown Advocates: Economics Don’t Measure Up
Perishable Pundit (28 March 11)

The Kill Team
Rollingstone (27 March 11)

(6 Dec 09)

The Hero No One Talks About

Virtually Unknown in The West: Libya’s Water Resources
Twelfth Bough (3 March 11)

Russian Military to Buy 36 ICBMs, 2 Missile Subs in 2011
RAINovosti (28 March 11)

China Calls For Immediate Ceasefire in Libya
People Daily Online (23 March 11)

Some 200,000 in Germany Protest Nuclear Power
Breitbart (26 March 11)

Gaps In US Radiation Monitoring System Revealed
ABC 7 News (26 March 11)

Russia Bans Food Imports From 6 Japanese Prefectures
VOA (24 March 11)

Poll in Germany: 89.5 Doubt Official Version of 9/11
New Zealand 911 Truth (2011)

GOP Sets Sights on AARP Over Its Support For Healthcare Reform
The Hill (25 March 11)

The GOP’s Census Problem
The Washington Post (25 March 11)

GOP War on Hunger Isn’t New (25 March 11)

(25 March 11)