“On 1/10 of an acre in Pasadena, the Dervaes family grows 6-7,000 lbs of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries each year, providing 90% of their produce at an estimated annual savings of $75,000.” ~ urbanhomestead.org

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the post WWII era, power flowed from control of the reserve currency backed by oil. In the emerging multipolar world, as new technologies revolutionize our energy models, power increasingly flows from ownership and access to water, soil and food.

This Thursday, I will be joined by Harry Blazer to launch our new series on food. Harry is my “go to” person on food. In my opinion there is no one who knows more about the subject.

Harry founded “Harry’s Farmers Market” in Atlanta in 1987 and grew it into the largest fresh food market in the country, before selling his business in 2001. In 2005, I moved to the Flathead Valley in western Montana at Harry’s request, to work with him on creating a venture model to finance revitalizing local food production.  While Harry taught me about food, I taught Harry about the real political and economic systems operating on planet Earth.

Harry has agreed to join me on the Solari Report to produce an exciting new series on food – to share with our subscribers his extraordinary understanding of the global food ecosystem and the role of food at the heart of nurturing human health and political and economic freedom.

In this introduction, Harry and I will provide an overview of the future of food and what it means to you – and what you can do about it. Harry will also give us a snapshot of some of the upcoming Solari Reports he will be hosting. We will post an in-depth audio introduction to Harry and a selection of related links, so make sure to login and check out the Subscriber Links.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, Harry and I will discuss Scientists Under Attack which documents efforts to suppress scientific evidence and destroy scientists that question genetically modified organisms and other synthetic introductions into the food supply.

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