By Catherine Austin Fitts

~ Here is where I will be posting Questions & Answers about our crowdfund for Dr. Farrell ~
QUESTION #1: Rregarding the pipe organ crowdfund, is there a payback for supporting the fund? I didn’t see anything regarding that on the website.  Will there be access to hearing the pipe organ being played, recordings?

ANSWER: Thanks so much for you interest. The tax treatment of crowdfunding is still not defined. Both our attorney and CPA has advised that if we make any comitments to gifts or services that we run the risk that the funds will be taxable to Dr. Farrell So we have decided to go without. It is my hope that having his own organ will encourage Dr. Farrell to continue to compose and to integrate some of his work with music in his videos and interviews – however, I can ’t promise. Please let me know if you have any other questions: Catherine Austin Fitt