The Case for Reforming U.S. Emergency Health Laws

The 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic is officially over, but many serious risks remain–not so much from the flu, but from the flu vaccines and America’s emergency health laws. Current laws allow states to mandate fast-tracked, untested emergency vaccines and other emergency medical protocol without exemptions during declared emergencies, despite the existence of safer, viable alternatives; those who refuse vaccines can be quarantined in government facilities. This Report documents the problems and the need for prompt, proactive legislative solutions.

A.    1976 “Swine Flu Fiasco”
In 1976, the Ford Administration projected up to one million deaths from the swine flu. President Ford claimed on national T.V. that the 1976 swine flu was the same virus as the 1918 Spanish flu that killed ½ million Americans and 20 million people internationally. In response, Congress allocated money for swine flu vaccines, guaranteed vaccine manufacturers a profit, and indemnified vaccine manufacturers from harm from the vaccines.

Ford’s 1976 vaccine campaign went against the recommendation of government scientists. There had been only one swine flu death—a soldier from Fort Dix. That flu season turned out to be the mildest flu season on record. CBS news later reported 4,000 vaccine damage claims for $3.5 billion. Two thirds of the claims were for neurological harm or death from the vaccines.

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