Some of the great comments posted on this interview:

Fantastic analysis, thanks Catherine

C.A. Fitts is always great.

I feel that this woman has more integrity than any human being who utters words (in any language) on my planet today …… keep talking C.A.F. keep talking   – and thank you!

Catherine Austin, you gave amazing analysis from the current situation

She is by far my favorite guest of yours.

CAF is so spot on it’s scary.

Bravo Ms. Fitts!! Bravo! Now, THAT’S a brave American patriot ! Smart and strong!

Wow … she is dangerously knowledgeable.

Awesome interview!

CAF is the best guest you have on your show. I trust her opinion.

I love her! She’s brilliant. Great interview.

I love CAF. I trust her judgment and knowledge. She is a beautiful person inside-out and I believe her intentions
are for the greater good.

How did anyone get this smart? Great interview!

This lady is one if my favorites that you have as a guest!

That interview was so good I’m sitting here feeling shocked and numb.

She [CAF] is one of the smartest guests you have.

Very, very smart and intelligent interview, with a great woman CAF!! This is very important not only for US, but for all of us, everywhere in the world.

I’ve never heard of CAF before, but she is spot on in her analysis, defiantly one of the best that you’ve interviewed.

Magnificent! A Truly revealing interview, off the hook with real information! Thank you both!

CAF is always a great interview. Very smart.

A big discussion with Fitts here. Sharp show!

She is so great! Thanks Greg!

This was an outstanding interview. She is a very, very intelligent lady. Her comments are eye openers in
many respects. Bring her back!

Greg Hunter has all the heavy hitters! What a great interview. Catherine Austin Fitts is my nominee for the Medal of Honor…. What courage Ms. Fitts carries; a true American.

When she talks, I want to listen. Please bring her back often!

Excellent! This is a must view/listen! Thanks!

It’s always a great interview with Ms. Fitts. She seems to be more comprehensive than most others.

Greg…PLEASE have Catherine on more often…she explains everything so well….I’m just a worker bee…..but a
prepared one…thank you both.

Interviews with Catherine are fascinating to hear; she’s gifted with a mind that can absorb a vast amount of
information and correlate it all into a coherent picture of where we are headed. And she can dispense all of that
information to us at the speed of a jet airliner!

Thank you Mr. Hunter. This lady is brilliant.

The best interview….Never get this type of info in MSM.

How refreshing to hear somebody talk about the real reason why Kennedy was assassinated and who did it. OMG!

Catherine is one of the few people that repeats the most important point….that of the superiority of the Sheriff in
keeping the FED out!! We must prevent the FED from coming into our States….They have already got this ludicrous
Communist Core in our schools…and that must be reversed… This lady is great…simply great ..and right on
the mark….

Another great time with Catherine Austin Fitts…..Sure wish this interview could be an hour longer….between Mr.
Hunter and Ms. Fitts, I learn more in less than an hour than I could in a year watching television!

Listening to this gal leads to a conclusion ; namely she should have Janet Yellen’s job and Yellen should be Hillary’s
campaign chairman.

I don’t think a lot of people outside the US know about what I just heard Catherine state. I am from Europe and
this is shocking to me but it explains a lot. Great interview.

I wish I were 1/100th as smart as this woman. You ROCK, Catherine!!!!

Love this gal! Would like to clone her hard drive and load on my wife’s drive! Cheers Catherine.

She gives the best interviews. and none of her views are racist and they are very intelligently thought out.

I pay for the Solari Report!!! I highly recommend it!

This lady is the definition of, “Be the change you want to see in the World!”

One of the few women who actually knows what’s going on and talks about it..

She’s so good. What a great guest. So clear about Sheriffs, Constitutional convention and gun control. Everything
else was profound as well. She is awesome.


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