Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: April 18, 2019

~ Raw audios will post late on the evening of Thursday, April 18 – final audios and chapters will post on Friday, April 19 ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts


French 9-11: Thirteen Churches Across France are Vandalized or Burned

  • “Even the Nazis didn’t dare destroy it [Notre Dame cathedral]….And you have to know for the last year we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France so of course you will hear the story of the politically correct which will tell you it is probably an accident.” Philippe Karsenty, French official interviewed on Fox News
  • Has the 9-11 Team Struck Again in the Hopes of Starting a War with Iran?
  • Pompeo’s Latest Speech on Oil


  • Fire at Notre Dame
  • New Hit Man at State Department
  • Vaccination Push in Rockland County and Williamsburg Zip Codes in NY
  • Assange Awaiting Extradition


Robert Kennedy, Jr. for lawsuit against NYC

Deblasios’ Mandatory Measle Order

Wikileaks Editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson

Let’s Go to the Movies:

Green Book