2030 Backcasting with Catherine and Solari Series Hosts and Allies

Faith is often subtle, with random ‘Holy Molies’ thrown in here and there. This subtle faith can have amazing resonance and change the world when needed.” ~ A Solari subscriber

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

To launch the new year—a year that promises to be consequential in untold ways—the Solari Report offers subscribers and our public audience its first-ever backcasting.

As defined by Wikipedia, backcasting is “a planning method that starts with defining a desirable future and then works backwards to identify policies and programs that will connect that specified future to the present.”

For our purposes, the year is 2030, and this is our “desirable future”: In 2030, freedom reigns planetwide, with the push for central control having failed miserably. Local currencies are flourishing, while lack of use slowly marginalizes the few CBDCs that were implemented. The World Economic Forum is bankrupt, and a depressed Klaus Schwab has retreated to his home in the Alps. Family and community prosperity is growing throughout the developed and emerging markets as economies decentralize—and as government enforcement, regulation, intervention, and taxation decrease. In short, there is much to celebrate.

In this backcasting exercise, our celebrants gather to share stories about what happened in 2023—in areas ranging from health to science to personal transformation—that turned the tide and made the difference in the powerful pivot to freedom.

Our backcasting participants:

  • Catherine Austin Fitts (Moderator)
  • Thomas H. Meyer (Spiritual Science)
  • Jennifer Walters (Health)
  • Junious Ricardo Stanton (Personal Transformation)
  • Corey Lynn (Solutions; Vaccine Passports)
  • Elze van Hamelen (Synthetic Food; Space)
  • Pete Kennedy (Food)
  • Carolyn Betts (Legal, Legislation)
  • Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer (Europe)
  • Ulrike Granögger (Science)

Join us Tuesday as we open our hearts, minds, and imaginations to this vision of success, prosperity, and a world at peace.

Money & Markets

In the year’s first Money & Markets on January 5, John Titus and Catherine will cover the latest events and discuss the financial and geopolitical trends Solari is tracking in 2023. Post questions at the Money & Markets commentary here.

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