The State of Our Currencies – Take Two

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The State of Our Currencies – Take Two
The State of Our Currencies – Take Two

"What I can do, you can do." ~ Jesus Christ, who threw the moneychangers out of the temple

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, I will summarize the effort underway to end currencies and what it means to you and me.

At long last, I have finished my written analysis of the State of Our Currencies. Please read it at the web presentation (see the link above). The direct link is here. Use your Solari password to login.

We have entered a period of accelerating change—one that is exceptionally fluid and chaotic. The best way to manage this change is to understand the deeper trends that are driving events—and how they are merging into an integrated whole. If you understand this analysis and the many Solari Reports that provide its essential building blocks, you will have a critical map to help you navigate the road ahead.

In Let's Go to the Movies, I will touch on Andrew Wakefield's new movie 1986: The Act. It addresses the devastating impact of the U.S. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act adopted in 1986, which freed the pharmaceutical companies from any liability for anything they manage to call a "vaccine," contributing to explosive increases in vaccine injuries and deaths as well as childhood-onset chronic disease. The film is timely because the future financial system hopes to continue using liability-free "injectibles"; the push for "injectibles" is deeply connected to the effort to adopt crypto and end currencies.



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Talk to you Thursday!

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