Book Review: unvaccinated by Forrest Maready

“There are a growing number of people who have decided to delay, skip or avoid certain vaccines altogether. Some of them are refusing all vaccines—even the big ones like polio. If you are shaking your head in confusion and anger right now, that’s okay! Hang on to the thought for just a few minutes—the stories we have been told growing up make it seem idiotic to skip these vaccines. Once you start looking a little deeper into the actual facts, the truth is a bit different than you were likely told.” ~ Forrest Maready

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Forrest Maready is the author of one of the finest books available on the history of vaccination in the United States, The Autism Vaccine: The Story of Modern Medicine’s Greatest Tragedy.

In 2018, Maready published unvaccinated: Why growing numbers of parents are choosing natural immunity for their children. This is a short, easy-to-read book for busy parents who cannot fathom why the truth about vaccines is so completely different than the official story. Among other things, the book explains Maready’s own conversion from a parent who had complete faith in vaccination to a parent who, after doing serious due diligence on the topic, refused to let his children receive more vaccines.

Maready had the good sense to realize that much of the information on the vaccination issue is long and difficult to read. So, he wrote a 100-page overview (with large font and generous line spacing) that is an excellent place for a busy parent to begin.

Here are the facts—short and sweet. Vaccines are not safe. Vaccines are not effective. There is no science to back up the statements that they are safe and effective. There is science to back up the fact that their safety and effectiveness have not been proved. And there is extensive experience to indicate that they are dangerous—that vaccine injury regularly kills, maims, and has contributed to a chronic disease epidemic in the United States that has the potential to bankrupt and destroy American society.

If you are a parent—or you know a parent—who is faced with heavy pressure to vaccinate children, and you don’t have time to get a PhD in vaccination science and history, this book is for you. Forrest Maready has done a remarkable job in digesting thousands of pages of history and science in a short, high-integrity hundred pages.

Feel like saving a few young lives today? Feel like preventing a few divorces and bankruptcies? It’s easy. Buy a few dozen copies of unvaccinated by Forrest Maready and start handing them out like candy.

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