Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: July 18, 2019

~ Raw audio of the Money & Markets will publish late July 18th, finalized audio will be published on July 19th ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts




  • Stock Market Highs: Family Offices now manage $6 Trillion of global wealthy work $9-10 Trillion
  • US Growth; China Growth; Is Recession Coming?
  • Farmegeddon: 8 Million Displaced in India, more Mississipi Flooding
  • US Treasury Agenda: Fannie & Freddie, Debt Limit, Sanctions, Trade Wars and Facebook AML Compliance
  • European Leadership Sands are Shifting – Multiple Changes
  • British Conservative Election next week & Brexit
  • Is US Sanity and Sovereignty in Doubt?: New Bill to Increase Joint Military with Israel



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