Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: September 5, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Look at the Quadrants: Human vs. Inhuman; Centralized vs Decentralized.


  • Boris & Brexit Blues
  • Bahamas & Hurricane Dorian: Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth with the most offshore companies and accounts
  • FT: Investors – $17B invested in 2018 in ag technology and start ups
  • UK Central Bank Chief Sees Digital Currency Displacing US Dollar as Global Reserve
  • The Epstein Affair
  • Negative Interest Rates
  • Hong Kong Protestors Arrested: Attacking Facial Recognition, CCTV Cameras
  • Global Technocracy – Its One Thing


NY Police Union

Let’s Go to the Movies:

Too Much Money

Blast from the Past

Building Real Wealth with Franklin Sanders

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