Solution Series: Transitioning into Real Money with Franklin Sanders

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The fact is, over time if you stay in dollars they’re stealing from you. That’s the whole point of inflation … they’re stealing from you, and if you keep your wealth in that system, you’re strengthening that system.” ~ Franklin Sanders

By Corey Lynn and James White

What is money? Depending on who you ask, you will receive a variety of different answers to that very important question. Currency, often confused with real money, is the paper notes we hold in our pockets and use for day-to-day transactions; but do those characteristics make that dollar in your pocket, otherwise known as a Federal Reserve Note, money?

Throughout history, governments have used their control of the nation’s currency to not only keep populations in line but also consolidate power by enriching themselves and their associates. Precious metals, however, are a different story.

Franklin Sanders has spent most of his adult life educating people on the importance of precious metals and their value in a society. He has published his Moneychanger newsletter for over 20 years and has helped countless men and women gain a foothold on how to convert their bank notes into real money.

Many people understand that the world is going through a major upheaval that will, no doubt, have an impact on all of us financially. Given that, it’s vitally important to understand the significant role precious metals can play. In this interview, jam-packed with great information on how to protect your wealth, Sanders breaks it all down.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to invest in precious metals, you want to make sure you can physically hold it in your hand. As Sanders says, “I don’t like any kind of paper silver; I don’t like the exchange-traded funds. Gold and silver are the ultimate cash … and you want possession of them where you can have 24-hour access.”

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