Deep State Tactics 101 Part IV with Catherine Austin Fitts

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Deep State Tactics 101 Part IV with Catherine Austin Fitts
Deep State Tactics 101 Part IV with Catherine Austin Fitts

“If you have pictures of family men having sex with a child, they are yours for life. Such people can and will help you engineer the theft of trillions for modest compensation. You control them. They are slaves who are all the more effective as their slavery is invisible. It is secret. No one—not even their closest friends and family—can see who their real bosses are and where their true loyalties lie. No one can fathom that a bank CEO or a senator is, in fact, a slave.”
~Catherine Austin Fitts, “Control Files,” July 2012, Control Files commentary

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

In our 2018 Annual Wrap Up: The Real Game of Missing Money, I included a personal history to help explain why I am so confident that the excuses used to justify and cover up the missing money are bogus. This history described my experiences dealing with missing money and financial fraud in the U.S. federal government:

C. Austin Fitts, Assistant Housing Secretary, conferring with assistants during a break in her testimony before a Senate subcommittee, 1989. (The New York Times/Andrea Mohin)
Missing Money: A Personal History: 1989-2019

In my outline, the last section was going to be a description of the tactics used to slow me down or kill me—both literally and figuratively—in the process. As I finished the 2018 Annual Wrap Up, I concluded that it would be better to record and publish this material as a separate audio series.

This series is my download about the tactics I have encountered personally or have observed at close hand. I have experienced a wide spectrum of covert operations, information and economic warfare, and dirty tricks with and from both governmental and private parties. Telling stories is a great way to communicate this experience; however, because stories expand the time necessary to convey the information, I am publishing this material as a series.

Here is my outline for the Deep State Tactics 101 full series:

I. Introduction
II. Solari Report Resources
III. Control System Goals
IV. Tactics by Areas

A. Faith, Hope, & Love
B. Health
C. Communication/Surveillance
D. Mind Control
E. Brand/Prestige
F. Media (including Disinformation)
G. Control Files
H. Personnel Benefits
I. Financial
J. Legal
K. Politics
L. Culture & Consumerism
M. Cybersecurity
N. Covert Operations & Crime
O. Targeting of Children
P. The Beatdowns: Company, Neighborhood, Cohort

V. Hard Times
– My list of the personal worst
VI. Helpful Strategies
VII. Closing Thoughts

In Parts I, II and III, I covered I-III and the first six items in Part IV through Media (including Disinformation).

This week in Part IV, I will cover Control Files, Personnel Benefits, and Financial. Indeed, continuing coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s operation, arrest, alleged suicide attempt, and suicide gives me a case study to connect some of my personal experiences of these deep state tactics with current events.

This week in Let’s Go to the Movies, I will touch on one of my favorite movies, Trading Places. Produced by movie great (and treasured friend) Aaron Russo, Trading Places explores numerous classic deep state tactics in a hilarious comedy about a con artist and commodities executive who trade places in an engineered bet.

Trading Places 1983 Trailer | Eddie Murphy | Dan Aykroyd

Trading Places 1983 Trailer | Eddie Murphy | Dan Aykroyd

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