Dressing Fascism in Skirts


“Trust is central to an economy that works.”
~ Stephen Covey

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the late 1990’s, I conducted a deep analysis of control techniques in the United States. From my analysis I was able to conclude that the single most important technique for controlling a population was to turn men and women against each other.

When you manipulate men-against-women and women-against-men, all the other forms of manipulation fall into place: black versus white, young versus old, etc. The day on which men and women remove Mr. Global from their minds and begin playing to win together will be the day we start to make real progress.

Despite this, the recent media spin promoting women has me spitting mad:

  • All we need to do to turn things around is put a woman in charge
  • A return to the Matriarchy
  • Goddess culture
  • Women CEO’s running large multinational corporations
  • A woman for President

This is complete nonsense. Such spin will result in “billionaire-pleasers” running for President – nothing more. It will put a feminine face on a fascist package.  Only the packaging will change.

Put the best person for the job in charge and their excellence will inspire. Any other approach is an invitation to mediocrity…and we are all sick of mediocre leadership. The idea that another round of mediocre leadership is welcome because the leaders are women is deeply alienating.

Is the media suggesting that highly-collaborative, hard-working women will somehow do a better job of implementing geo-engineering, mandatory vaccines, weapon sales and genetically modified foods? Do I care whether or not the person poisoning me, my family and my neighbors is male or female?

I complained to a man recently that at one nauseating point I realized I was going to have a problem getting through the 2016 election without developing a knee-jerk hatred of women. This is an appalling thought as I am a woman. I like being a woman.

I have rarely heard anyone laugh so loud in response as he did. If the two of us are feeling this way, I can only imagine how many others are feeling the same.

An iron fist in a velvet glove is still an iron fist. Add a skirt and some lipstick and it changes nothing.

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