New Update on Department of Defense FOIA Response & Unusual Patterns in US Treasury Debt Operations

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last year, Dr. Mark Skidmore submitted a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) to the Department of Defense (DOD) related to fiscal 2015 undocumentable adjustments.

In a new update to his report on the $21 trillion in undocumentable adjustments, Dr. Skidmore reviews the DOD response to his FOIA.

In addition, Dr. Skidmore reports on the size of current debt redemptions at the US Treasury which raise numerous questions. He encourages other citizens and market participants more knowledgable about US Treasury debt operations to help us understand what would explain the size of the current operations.

You can read the full update at the Missing Money website.

Please circulate to anyone you know who could help us better understand what is happening in US Treasury debt operations.

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