The Significance of Australia’s Fires

Note from CAF:

I wanted to post the charts linked below for my discussion with Dr. Farrell on the Unanswered Questions in the 2019 Annual Wrap Up.

One of our Australian subscribers has been tracking reports on the fires in New South Wales in Eastern Australia in recent months. His calculations show a final fire size in New South Wales as of this date of 3,366,060 hectares or 12,996.43 square miles or 8,317,716.03 acres. These are based on original reports—it is noted that later reports scale back estimated size.

This area is 4.2% of the land area of New South Wales. It is equivalent to 8% of California, 99% of the Netherlands, 31% of Tennessee, 166% of Massachusetts, 176% of New Jersey, or 200% of Hawaii. See the attached calculations for more comparisons.

These fires are extraordinary in both their size and significance.

New South Wales Bushfires Summary

Wikipedia: 2019–20 Australian bushfire season

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