Unmasking the Great Mask Debate

By: Najat Madry

Many people feel a sense of disbelief with 2020. The Covid pandemic and lockdown feel like a blind-sided sucker punch to the gut. At the end of 2019, Catherine did sound the alarm that 2020 will be rough. I never asked her if she thought a "pandemic" would be on the 2020 agenda. As Catherine would say, "anything goes." One day at the start of the lockdown, I walked past my regular Amazon delivery person, and he said something that struck a chord in me, "I feel like I'm in a movie." Now that we are entering fall, the state of disbelief with equal feelings of frustration and fear are very real. It feels more like a vortex that keeps us spinning, wondering what will happen next and hoping that the close of 2020 won’t be too much of a rough landing.

Four to six months into this lockdown (depending on what state you are reading this from), the mask debate still lingers. It has grown more controversial than at the start of the pandemic. Plus, it doesn't help that we are in a very contentious election season where EVERYTHING (◔_◔) is hyper-politicized. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is automatically a Trump supporter. To be fully transparent, Catherine asked me to write about the mask issue a couple of months ago. I struggled where to begin. Solari subscribers are quite savvy. You guys 'know your stuff'. Do I need to inform you about the restriction of airflow when wearing a mask? Dr. Tenpenny is a far greater authority on the topic than I'll ever be. She has a lot to say, especially on how the overuse of masks can be detrimental to a person’s health. If you have not listened to Catherine's two-part interview with Dr. Tenpenny, I highly recommend it. For months, videos of researchers and medical professionals circulated on social media platforms testing the efficacy of masks. Such tests include testing their oxygen saturation levels with an oximeter while wearing a mask and found that saturation levels are below normal. Go to a store like Trader Joe's, especially on a hot summer day, and see a worker pass out from a combination of heat exposure and lack oxygen from wearing a mask while working. The response from the "Greater Good" and "We’re in this Together" crowds would say, "tough it out, you’ll get used to it. Forget about that hypoxia problem! Masks are now part of your wardrobe."

Speaking of wardrobes, the hipster Masked Bandit people are a real 'gem': Walking around wearing handkerchiefs over their faces and black sunglasses looking like Billy the Kid getting ready to rob a bank. Cool right? I have a career in fashion. I know a very resourceful textile technician who is extremely knowledgeable and has a background in medical textiles. Her response to woven textiles used as masks is that they are completely useless and a waste of time. The viruses are microscopic, and the open space of a weave of textile is large enough for viruses to pass through. Only compacted paper used for surgical masks might work and experts are even challenging that for combatting Covid or viruses in general. See, "Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: a randomized controlled trial ".

Of course, the media neglects to mention that medical professionals are trained in wearing masks to avoid contamination. They also forget to mention that medical masks are meant to be worn only once. See, "Reusing masks may increase your risk of coronavirus infection. " Multiple uses build up bacteria and viruses, which are simply not healthy to inhale. Especially in a CO2 rich environment. Have you ever passed by a bin of used masks…? 'YUCK'. Don't get me started on the concept of non-sick people must wear a mask to prevent others from getting sick if there’s a possibility they might not know they are sick. Yes, if that sentence confuses you, imagine how I feel. See, "A Study of infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV2 carriers." Whoever came up with that one, I' m sure, is still laughing at our expense. Another good one is "in Japan, people wear masks all the time." Sure, when they are sick…. There's no end to the ridiculousness and manipulated science to all of this. Seeing people in the park doing hardcore cardio workouts with their masks on, and then immediately take them off to sit, meditate, and breathe??? , 'Honest to God', I,ve witnessed this standing on the sidelines with a quizzical look on my face and thinking, "What the hell are you doing?" They work out with the mask on and when they are done, immediately take it off to breathe, in the same spot…. There's also the social distancing circles in public spaces where people wear their masks to get into and take their masks off as soon as they sit in the circle as if there was a magical shield to protect them from the magic virus. Then there,s the crème de la crème. Smokers who take their masks off to smoke… I need to stop, I'm being 'sucked into the vortex'.

It's clear to anyone who hasn’t fallen into the entrainment trap, none of these explanations, justifications, and mandates make sense. Simply put, these mandates are stupid, or are they making people stupid? In Dr. Farrell's weekly YouTube News & Views report on August 27, 2020, he did a commentary on an article by Patrick Fagan, Face Masks Make You Stupid. According to the article:

The keyword here is docile, which comes from the Latin docere, meaning "to teach " (as does 'say', 'doctorate' and 'document'). Being docile means being compliant and following commands, which means submitting to a system of thought.

Whereas animals, however, typically need to be bred to have a higher level of reasoning to be taught commands, and human beings, already being quite smart, need to be dumbed down. You won’t disobey an order if you lack the cognitive ability to question it. This is particularly pertinent to the smooth running of a modern world system that relies on millions of individual souls, each with their own nuanced life history and perspective, thinking and acting in the same way.

While walking along the east side waterfront park in NYC thinking about how I will write this article, I'd stop and ask people how they feel wearing a mask? I really try hard to steer away from politics and try to trigger their sensory perception to the experience of wearing a mask. Responses I,d receive, "it makes me feel better," "it's the only way to get back to normal," "It's for the greater good,” “I read it's healthy to wear one, " and "they know more than I do. " After days of asking several different people, I realized these were not individual conscious responses but rather conditioned responses fed to them from outside their natural consciousness. The entrainment is working. The pandemic is less than a year old. How did human consciousness erode to such a point of submission? Truthstream Media does great work on the psychological studies of mind control and entrainment. What a perfect way to condition a person's mind by giving them bad food, water, air, vaccines, entertainment, and education for decades to get them to the point where they are easily susceptible to something as crazy as wearing masks outdoors and indoors. Some legislators are even pushing them to wear them inside their homes. So, the final curtain goal is injecting people with "toxins" that are full of junk and microchips to create the ultimate planetary slavery system. Bill Gates is salivating at the mouth, rubbing his greasy hands, and waiting in the wings for such a moment. Question: Can the human spirit be broken to the point of no return?

I wonder how much fear can be fed to a person? How much conditioning, submersion, gaslighting, etc. can be done to a person to get to the point of no return? Not everyone is entrained. You are here reading this article, and I am here writing this article. Catherine could have been a Fed Bank governor but opted to struggle, be attacked and marginalized to spread the truth. The Kennedy family has suffered plenty, but RFK Jr. doesn't back down and give speeches on the planetary control system to thousands of people in Berlin. An astrologer I follow named Molly McCord once said, "planet earth is a free will planet, humans are free will beings." In anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner taught the iron in our blood is deeply seeding free will into human beings. The same iron in meteorites and comets is exactly the same iron in you. We are part of something greater than "toxins" and Elon Musk’s Neurolink. Catherine did a great interview with Thomas Meyer on the comet NEOWISE and the spirit of freedom. In the comet dust are microscopic iron particles that float into the air for humans to feed off and nourish human free will. Yes, there are plenty of people under entrainment and mind control. It has been really bad. As much as I see people submitting, I see questioning and resistance; an inspirational resistance that is pushing back and, frankly, saying no. It's growing in numbers faster than the planners realize. The recent lockdown protests in Berlin, London, Slovenia, and Dublin are just the 'tip of the iceberg'. There is no 'putting the genie back into the bottle'. Just like the tiny iron particles in the air, the truth is in the ether. It is there for us to breathe in and feed the spirit of free will in us.

So take off the mask, take a breath, and light your soul on fire of the freedom that human beings are born to be. Now is our time.

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