Walking By Sees

[CAF Note: I originally published this on November 12, 2013. As our subscribers and readers are managing unprecedented change, I am republishing now. Hope it helps!]

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As a child I spent my summers in a farm high in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Each summer, we were educated on Yankee farmer stories. These were stories about people who were very wise and invariably involved a city slicker who could benefit from listening to men and women who lived in tune with the heartbeat of the earth and other living things.

One of my favorite tells of the city slicker who got lost on the backroads. Exasperated, he pulled up to ask a local farmer how to get to the nearest town. The helpful farmer explained that it was easy, saying, “Yup, just go down the road three sees, take a left, then go two sees, take a right and that’ll put you in ‘er.” Baffled but appreciative, the city slicker thanked the farmer and asked if he could expand on what a “see” was. The farmer replied, “Why, sure. A see is when you can see as far as you can see, that’s one see!”

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