Will The Real Mr. Global Please Stand Up?

We had a request from a network member to comment on the following article which debunks the prevailing views that we are short of gas or oil.

There is No Gas Shortage
By Ed Wallace – BusinessWeek.com (1 Apr 2008)

As you can all probably tell by now, I tend to stay away from the debate about how much oil and gas we have left and what that means. One reason is because if oil and gas is not your business, you can go down a rabbit hole trying to get to the bottom of things. Another reason is because I believe that the most important energy conversation we should be having is how to finance the switch of our homes and communities to alternative energy sources. After that I would like to talk about who has been suppressing energy technology for centuries and why and how do we reverse the suppression.

I think such a conversation is very important to have, not just because of energy but because answer the technology suppression question and then you answer the question of how to prevent genetically modified seed and Monsanto from destroying and controlling the food supply, Barrick and the bullion banks from privatizing and controlling the gold stores, as well as get back trillions missing from the US government and arrange for $1 trillion to be spent each year on education and art instead of weapons and war. . .

As Utah Phillips once said, "The planet is not dying, it is being killed and the people killing it have names and addresses."

I want to know who is doing this and why they are doing it. Think "who," not "what." All the "what" issues . . . peak oil, environmental deterioration, market manipulations, slave trafficking, sub-prime mortgage crisis . . . will not answer the key question.

Who is doing this and why are they doing it?